Tu's Story Part 4 Visit From The Elders

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Over the next few days, Tu kept herself busy catching up with close friends that hadn't yet left the homestead for the first time as she had only a couple of months previously. They seemed unaware of anything other than a home visit going on & as she told stories of her 'adventures' in the Verse, she omitted the unsettling events that had led to her return.

Time passed fairly quickly, she easily fell into the pattern of being at home, yet curiosity burned like a little fire in her mind that would not be put out as she waited for the arrival of her great grandparents Saorsa & Sisu.

This morning, at the homestead, there was definitely a lot more going on than usual. From the window of her room, as the first light crept over the ridges surrounding the camp, Tu had seen vehicles drive out & when she got up, she found Rebel & Ebe busy in the kitchen prepping a substantial amount of food. Tu offered her help.

"They're coming today aren't they", She said. It was more of a confirmation than a question.

Rebel, smiled back at her, "All being homii, yes." She answered.

Tu felt a little spark of anticipation ignite in her solar plexus. Hopefully, she was finally going to find out what all the fuss was about. At that moment Bob & her father walked in, deep in conversation. Temporarily distracted they stopped & looked at the three women, before turning on their heels and walking out again.

Tu was brimming with questions but knew that if she heard the reply," all will come clear" or, "you'll know soon enough" once more, she might scream like a brat, so she decided to just go with the flow of the day's events hoping that it would lead to answers eventually. 

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