The Burrito Guy


Have you met the burrito guy?  The one that works the grab-n-go counter in the arrivals and departures lobby at Everus Harbor?

I've not.  I've seen him.

Many, many times.

But, he never even acknowledges me.  He just stands there, staring off into the distance, toward the ship terminals...

Seems like every time I pass through Everus Harbor, I have to stop by for a burrito.  I really like their Citrus Beef Burrito; it's fantastic! The beef is perfectly seasoned with a bit of a kick; the citrus flavoring has a hint of orange.  It sounds odd, I know, but it's like nothing you've tried before.  And, they serve it with an amazing green chili that's generously ladled inside the tortilla, instead of a traditional red sauce you normally find in a burrito.  They top it off with a healthy helping of asadero cheese, sour cream, and some freshly-prepared pico de gallo.  Makes me crave another burrito just thinking about it.

Funny thing is, though, the  burrito guy just stands there.  He never moves.  It's difficult to tell, sometimes, whether he's even breathing.

I'm not the most extroverted individual, but I've tried some polite small-talk on several occasions but have always been ignored.

Mostly, I just wanted him to know how much I like the burritos they serve; I'm always telling people about them.

Glumm just shakes his head every time I grab an extra burrito to take it onto the ship with us when we depart for another mining run.  He seems to think it's not safe to enter the cockpit after I've had a burrito from Everus Harbor.  (Maggie's air filtration system work just fine, thanks!)

Anyway, I try to do my part to keep them in business.  It'd be awful if the burrito stand closed and the station brought in a different vendor.

But, the burrito guy just ignores me.

It's kind of annoying to pay full-service prices when everything is self-serve.  But, like I said, the burritos are stellar!

The burrito guy, though...

It's like he's some kind of mannequin...



Stay safe out there!


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