Introducing Nedz ~ Fleet Gathering


Nedz brushed aside the mountain of 'useful' clutter to clear a valley of space to place the prototype he had been working on. If he was going to get to the Fleet Gathering on time, he needed to get moving & he wanted to pick up some fuel for both himself & his ship on the way. He half reluctantly shut the door to his hab in the Feathers, it was always difficult to walk away from a project but as he made his way to the Spaceport Terminal, Nedz' thoughts redirected to deciding what ship to take, whether to take one or two ground vehicles to the gathering & to wondering what the location would be like & who would be there.

 Fleet Gatherings, which happened randomly, were called by any of the crew members when they felt, intuitively to do so. There didn't need to be a reason - gathering the fleet was reason enough.

It wasn't compulsory to attend & you never really knew who else was going to be there until you were there. Sometimes fleet gatherings lasted a few hours, sometimes days, weeks..even months with provision runners keeping the food stocks going until eventually the last stragglers fell away to meet the demands of their lives.

 The gatherings were like micro-versions of fleet expeditions to new systems. Where the combined efforts of the fleet worked on the successful sharing & organisation of assets so that all the needs of the fleet were taken care of collectively.

In this era of the Verse &, this was the nearest thing to transcending money that the fleet could achieve ~ with the idea of transcending the control games & insidious slavery that societies built around money inevitably rely on.

To the O8 the concept of money was perverse. Never in any Intuvisionary memory of their pre-Verse past, had 'money' been a part of their story & the act of putting something between an individual & their natural needs was an idea they rejected wholi-heartedy. Naturally inclined to ignore it, they soon realised that when it came to money, you had to get IT to get OUT.

The resources required for running a fleet at the frontiers of space was expensive & mostly limited to those that could afford it. However the 08 & many of their descendants plus a good portion of DSC crew shared the vision that an abundant life beyond the limits that the money masters create was inevitable ~ it was just a matter of time & place.

Living without money was a concept received with grateful recognition by many others too, especially those who had experienced life in the Verse at the poorer end of the financial spectrum.

To Nedz however, money wasn't a problem. New tech kept him interested. All the cupboards, surfaces, corners and large portions of the floor in any space he could call his own were filled with a dynamic clutter of ongoing processes of discovery to make use of cutting edge materials & potential commodities, found & inevitably exploited, throughout the accessible Verse. In fact, Nedz involvement with recent technological innovations was intrinsic, though due to the strict non-disclosure that surrounded them, few knew this.

His natural inclinations, talents & pursuits just seem to pay well. Yes! It made his life easier, but No! Money just didn't motivate him.. at all. He aligned with DSC on many levels and this was one of them.

As the ship's engines kicked in, Nedz tuned into his comms to see if anyone wanted picking up on his way to the gathering location.
S.O.P - Contact Protocol
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