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Secured SAR Fleet Simulation



Situation Report:

We have received a message from our long-standing friend and ally conspiracy Bob, though the message was largely scrambled, we did discern some trigger words we recognise as an SOS and he seems to have made several attempts to contact us again since. We are fairly sure he is in some kind of situation and are loosely preparing a SAR mission in the event we get clearer information.

We're envisaging a Security training operation to extract him from his location yet to be confirmed. Our sensors are picking up a distress beacon from his locator and he appears to be underground in a vicinity where there are two known caves.



Mission Sequence

  1. RV at the commons [SAR Team / Security Team / Delta]
  2. Resupply food & drink
  3. Retrieve ground vehicles [URSA Rover / Cyclone TR/AA]
  4. Move as convoy to Interstellar Spaceport garage
  5. Pilots go to spawn transport ships & return to garages to load up ground vehicles
  6. Jump to location “to be disclosed”
  7. Send pathfinder to a safe proximity of cave 1
  8. Jump to pathfinder at signal location (cave 1) [maps to follow]
  9. Land and deploy Security on foot & in Cyclone TR/AA to secure the perimeter
  10. SAR then deploy in the SAR URSA Rover with cover from Delta
  11. Delta to maintain air security throughout the operation.
  12. Security to clear cave 1 entrance
  13. SAR team to search area for asset (Bob)
  14. If not located then relocate to secure proximity of second cave
  15. Security to clear cave 2 entrance
  16. SAR to search & retrieve the asset (Bob)
  17. Return to cave 1 for exfil
  18. Return to orbit as a fleet