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Event Information
Event Title:
Event Play Style:
Star Citizen Version:
Headquarters Location:
Event Date / Time:

31st Aug, 2021 6:00PM


31st Aug, 2021 6:00PM

Operations Director:
Slingshot Cal / Slingshot Chris
Event Description:

One of our scientists have been taken hostage at a base on Calliope by an unknown faction and they are demanding the access codes to the data stored on the servers at the base. A rescue mission has been sanctioned by Fleet Command to return both the crew member & the data to safety. Security/SAR operation based on the surface of Calliope with Nova Tank, Ballista Tumbril MT, AA & TR. Deployment via Hercules.

A rescue mission has been sanctioned by Fleet Command to return both the crew member hostages & the data to safety.

Extreme cold weather conditions, expect high winds and very poor visibility.

  • MIC-L1
  • Calliope
  • Shubin Mining Facility SMCa-6
  • Shubin Mining Facility SMCa-8

Official RV:
Team Objectives
Search & Rescue Team Call Sign:
Search & Rescue Team Objectives:
SAR team to prepare rescue mission from Official RV: MIC-L1

1. Situate medical support ship at Shubin Mining Facility SMCa-8.
2. Approach hostage location low to avoid anti air and deploy 7km from the base.
3. Ensure the enemy does not escape with the hostage and data.
4. Disable and secure the vehicle and hostage.
5. Exfiltrate hostage and data vehicle with dropship.
Search & Rescue Fleet Requirements:
  • Cutlass RED
  • Hercules Starlifter
Armour & Equipment Requirements:
  • Tactical Squad Loadout
Mercenary Team Call Sign:
Merc Team Objectives:
1. Situate medical support ship at Shubin Mining Facility SMCa-6 and secure the hostage.
2. Situate the escape vehicle hidden 5km in the neighbouring mountains.
3. Set-up perimeter defence around Shubin Mining Facility SMCa-6.
4. Form secure escort party and attempt to transport and evacuate the hostage and data via URSA.
Merc Fleet Requirements:
  • Cutlass RED
Armour & Equipment Requirements:
  • Tactical Squad Loadout
Delta Team Call Sign:
Delta Team Objectives:
Maintain full spectrum air security during the operation.
VIP Team Call Sign:
VIP Objectives:
Stay alive and follow the instructions of SAR and security teams.
VIP Vehicle Requirements:
  • URSA
Launch Protocol:
Party will be passed between leadership to launch at event start time.
Threat Level:
BLACK - Combat situation.
Weapons Stance:
GREEN - Weapons primed, engage only designated targets.
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