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Many intricate parts of a voyaging fleet interconnect seamlessly with the perpetual movement of resource and supplies.

From the food, water, fuel & repairs the crew depend upon to and lucrative markets along with our supply network and the fleet's many required materials and resources, the crew keeps the lifeblood of the fleet flowing and abundant.

Haulers • pilots and transporters moving the many resources of the fleet.

Brokers • trade & commerce specialists of the fleet.

In an ever adapting exploration fleet with and growing supply line, the movement of resource and hardware is ever flowing.

Logistics ensure the many working parts have all they need to continue operating at full capacity!

Horizon Fleet

Want to join Horizon Fleet? contact fleet command & join us at Fleet HQ

Fleet HQ - HF Momentum
Logistics sector provide and nurture a dependable network between sector and fleet flowing and abundant with resources, data & discoveries.

Sector activities range wildly and with our continued adventure and we'll need to be prepared and equipped every step of the way!


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