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Our journey will take us through many rich lands in which we can discover new materials, extract, mine and salvage the very best available in the verse.

With these materials in abundance, we will build, construct and advance the capabilities of our fleet, undoubtedly becoming wealthy with a harmonious and prosperous supply network.

Engineer • ship maintenance repair & refuelling.

Mining Specialist • prospecting & extraction.

Salvage Specialist • disassembly and processing.

As we explore new materials and build upon our cache of knowledge & resource, horizon industrial take on the heavy duty duties of salvage, manufacturing, repair, mining, refining & refuelling.

Working closely with science, industrial ensure the fleet ships and vehicles are running at peak performance with pioneering hardware, highly tuned and constructed with the latest methods and materials.

Horizon Fleet

Want to join Horizon Fleet? contact fleet command & join us at Fleet HQ

Fleet HQ - HF Momentum
Deep Space Crew sectors will be carefully placed along our supply route to be secure, in a place of beauty and with an abundance of resources in the surrounding areas.

Industrial will be foundational in the growth of our sanctuaries and the harvest and refinement of all that we want from the region to support the colony crew and the fleet.


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