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Delta Patrol
Event Title:
Event Date / Time:

23rd Jul, 2020 5:00PM


23rd Jul, 2020 6:00PM

Event Description:

Delta Patrol [Dook] We will be learning what the server will be letting us do, and will build our routes according to where the most help in the system is needed and /or where we can make the most amount of money while doing our patrol. Everyone attending will need bounty hunting tests completed. Unless it is fixed this means I will be doing those missions every day and anyone will be welcome to come along or just accept the mission when it is shared.

Each day we will try to cover a new area and will try to make a schedule that will become familiar. [Monday Hurston space, Tuesday arc corp etc] This is not to be an all-day event, we leave at a certain time each day, if you are late, log in & get on server ask flight leader for an invite and join us as soon as you can! If you are having trouble, don't freak out we do it every day, just join when you can and start to learn the routes.This 'event' will only last an hour. Anything past that is purely for fun but we should get to Fleet business Right off if there is anything going on that day.

The second shift will be in the NA timezone and will do the same route as the morning route. No man left behind Only applies to civis, merchants, pioneers, scientist types, and beloved pets. On these patrols, we are practising doing things on a schedule and timely. I mean if it means there's 6 people trying to get in or crash or any number of thousands of ways the servers jack us, and 2 who are ready to go during a green light, they will go. The rest of us will either catch up or try again in the next round or the next day. Please Delta, civis and scientists mill about and don't worry so much about being timely but if we are late people will die, shipments will be lost, and it will be because we were late. I will feel like crap if this happens, so please everyone @Delta Lets use The patrols our command wants to be done as practice working around this messy server and being fairly on time despite the troubles.

More info As this is posted to the main site, as well as our routes after we solidify them. This way, anyone who would like to toss some munitions at us will know where and when to find us, and if they look on the site it will be easy for them I hope they come in large groups and flatten us over and over, cuz after a few times we will learn to stand under that pressure. So no salt during these patrols, Were asking for it and we will have fun win or lose at this point. and when it goes live we WILL be a force that makes people see the DSC name and hesitate and think twice before engaging.

Per ardua ad astra!! -Dook

Patrol Details
Patrol Region:
  • Hurston
  • MicroTech
  • Crusader
  • ArcCorp
RV Point:
Required Ships:
  • TBA
Ship Load-out:
  • TBA
Mission Types:
  • TBA
Mission Brief
  Delta Page
Mission Brief:

Deep Space Crew Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Party will be formed and launched shortly after the event start time.
Communications Protocol:
Focused operation comms during the event.
Off-topic discussions will be moved into another channel.
Rules of Engagement:
  • Weapons hot at commanders discretion.
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