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Event Information
Event Title:
Event Date / Time:

14th Aug, 2019 5:00PM


14th Aug, 2019 11:00PM

Event Description:

Collection of media for our "Security Division" promo video

Situational Report

Media Op Overview

General Overview:
This operation will require our security division members & any other crew members to bring their best fighting ships for combat manuvers and low level flying / combat formation flying for video cature and screentshots.

Vehicle Requirements:


Official RV:
Actor Load-out

Personal Armour Requirements

Recommended under-suit & armour:

Personal Weapon Load-out

Recommended personal weapons:

Media Team Operational Objectives

Main Objectives:
Our main objectives will be to capture video and stills of our security division in their chosen combat ships.

Scene 1

Scene 1 Composition:

Scene 2

Scene 2 Composition:

Scene 3

Scene 3 Composition:

Scene 4

Scene 4 Composition:

DSC Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Crew are to set spawn location to Port Olisar.
Party launch will be used to bring all crew onto the same server.

Communications SOP:
Allow for operation command to relay mission-critical information and instruction and keep comms clear of unnecessary chatter & off-topic discussion during the operation.

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