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Delta Patrol
Event Title:
Event Date / Time:

18th Jun, 2020 6:30PM


18th Jun, 2020 8:30PM

Event Description:

One of our high-value assets has gone "HOT" provide protection and safe escort.

Patrol Details
Patrol Region:
  • MicroTech
RV Point:
Required Ships:
  • Delta Fighters
Ship Load-out:
  • Full combat load-out
Mission Types:
  • Protect asset from hostilities.
  • Escort asset to MT DataCenter TMG-XEV-2 for server access.
Mission Brief
  Delta Page
Mission Brief:
Secure & escort. One of our valued guests has entered the "wanted" database and requires immediate protection and escort to safety.

Deep Space Crew Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Party will be formed and launched shortly after the event start time.
Communications Protocol:
Focused operation comms during the event.
Off-topic discussions will be moved into another channel.
Rules of Engagement:
  • Weapons hot at commanders discretion.
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