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26th Jun, 2020 7:00PM

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The DSC Merchant Division aims to be regarded as not only dependable, trustworthy, and efficient, but also aims to establish ourselves as the number one trading organization within the Stanton System. Through your continued support and tireless efforts, we will establish ourselves as superior to our competitors. In turn, this will allow the Merchant Division to continue to supply, support, and fund the development of the DSC Fortune Fleet as they continue to explore the farthest reaches of the universe.

With the Deep Space Crew (DSC) Merchant Divisions goal to be the number one trading organization within the Stanton system it is imperative that we continue to grow our operation and reputation. Each individual can contribute to the growth of DSC though building their client base with the ever-growing need for delivery services within the Stanton system.

All Merchants are requested to take the initiative and build relationships with the planet and station-based traders while undertaking delivery missions. 

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The intelligence on the operation

The battle for trading supremacy within the Stanton system has begun. All DSC Merchants are requested to undertake delivery contracts in order to build a strong client base and assist in the growth of our standing and reputation. During any contract you acquire, please keep in mind that you are a representative of Deep Space Crew and should carry yourself accordingly.

Should any DSC Merchant choose to trade illegal items and find themselves subject to scan, search, and arrest, they shall not claim any affiliation with DSC or any sub-division. DSC will not acknowledge your employment and shall not assist you in any way.

Delta and Security Division will be on hand for both you and the customer's protection. Should any incursions arise, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are to be followed.

• Delta Squadron support will be available to each ship/fleet. Ship Captains are to follow any and all instructions given by the Delta Captains, they control all ship movements. If at any point you encounter hostiles and are instructed to ‘BUG OUT’ you will make a QT jump to ANY available position.
• You are to inform your Delta Support of your current location as soon as possible and remain vigilant of the local area for any possible hostile situations. If the local area proves not to be secure, or you are followed into QT by hostiles, follow current standard operating procedures (SOP).
• DO NOT Engage the hostiles. DO NOT attempt to negotiate with the hostiles. Contact your Delta support through the secure communication channels informing them of your current situation. Continue to make QT jumps to any available position/s until hostiles no longer follow you or are safe area is found. Maintain communications at all times, Delta support will be re-established at the earliest opportunity.

• Onboard security will be available to all ships. During peacetime system transit Security teams are the ONLY personnel authorized to open carry firearms on board any ship. Any person/s displaying an open carry will be looked upon as hostile.
• During the transit of the Stanton system they will provide ship-wide security patrols, and where required shall provide ship gunnery support.
• Should there be an incursion your ship Captain will issue an alert, at which point all personnel are free to carry firearms and are expected to defend the ship, cargo, and fellow crew.
• During pick up and drop off operations both on planet and stations, your Security escort has command. You will follow ALL instructions given; this is for your safety. They are there for YOUR protection.

Threat Level:
Cargo Type:

Team Objectives


Merchant Team Objectives:
Establish contact with customers requiring Deep Space Courier Services (DSCS)
Negotiate favorable terms for DSCS services.
Undertake delivery contracts throughout the Stanton System
Local party communication is to be established for each individual fleet grouping
Extra Teams Required:
  • Delta
  • Security


Security Team Objectives:
Provide protection during system transit to and from pickup and delivery points.
Asses any/all take-off and landing areas for dangers, and provide aerial support as required.
Command ship/fleet movements.
Act as the first line of defense during unknown events or attack(s)
Provide open escape route(s) to the DSC Merchant crew and ship in the event of an incursion.
Local party communication is to be established for each individual fleet grouping


Delta Team Objectives:
Security are to maintain a readiness state at all times.
They shall oversee the protection of crew and cargo during both system transit and pick-up and delivery operations.
In the event of an incursion, Security shall provide protection and attempt to repeal invaders.
The ship Security command shall maintain constant contact with the Ship Captain
Local party communication is to be established for each individual fleet grouping

Deep Space Crew Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Party will be formed and launched shortly after the event start time.

Communications Protocol:
Focused operation comms during the event, through in-game VOIP for individual fleets, managed through party creation.
General discussions will be held through the discord channel(s)

Rules of Engagement:
Weapons hot at commanders' discretion.

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