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13th Jun, 2020 7:00PM


13th Jun, 2020 11:00PM

Event Description:

An expedition to some wreck sites on microTech & Euterpe.

Fleet command has requested a survey of some recent unexplained crash sites after recovering an object from a recent SAR mission to a triple crash site, that was causing catastrophic equipment failure when in proximity. Further experimentations are ongoing within the Science Division.
On-boarders have an opportunity to visit some exotic and hard to find locations on the wonderful MicroTech planet & one of its moons Euterpe.


Main event page:

Intel & Expedition Requirements

Situational Report:
A survey of a group of crash sites on microTech planet & one of its moons Euterpe has been requested by Fleet Command.
Mission locations are deemed classified but friendly.

The Teams

Required Teams:
  • Exploration ground team
  • Pilots
  • Ground vehicle drivers
  • Security
  • Delta

The Crew

Available Positions:
  • Exploration ground team
  • Pilot
  • Ground vehicle driver
  • Security
  • Delta pilot

The Fleet

Fleet Requirements:
  • Carrack
  • Delta ships
  • Support ships

The Equipment

Armour Requirements:
  • Novikov armor will be required for exterior activity.

The Meeting Point

Official RV:
New Babbage - microTech

The Expedition Objectives

Expedition Objectives:
  • 1. Deployment of expedition fleet from NBIS on microTech.
  • 2. Loading of ground exploration vehicles at NBIS Garages.
  • 3. Fleet travels to 10,000 meters.
  • 4. Delta forward patrol jump to OM-1 and secure the area.
  • 5. Fleet QT Jumps to OM-1.
  • 6. Pathfinders deploy to wreck site [A]
  • 7. Exploration force relocates to wreck site [A]
  • 8. Security deploys and maintains a secure perimeter.
  • 9. Exploration force deploys to surface for data gathering.
  • 10. Return to ships and return to 10,000 meters altitude and make ready.
  • 11. Delta to maintain full air security during the operation.
  • 12. Security to maintain boarding/deploying ship security during the operation.
  • 13. Repeat steps 6 through 11 for crash site [B] & crash site [C] on Euterpe.
  • 14. Return to NBIS for debriefing. [Exact location for debrief to be disclosed]

The Locations

Expedition Locations:
  • New Babbage
  • microTech
  • Euterpe
Extra Location Information?:
Extra Location Data:
Surface pressure 1.09 atm
Height 100,000 m

Composition & conditions
microTech is a terraformed planet, thus its atmosphere was specifically engineered to imitate Earth's. It is breathable and primarily contains nitrogen and oxygen, as well as trace amounts of argon and carbon dioxide. However, due to the terraforming accident, temperatures generally sit around or below -100 °C (-148 °F), especially during severe snowstorms when wind chill factors exacerbate the situation. As such, exposure without protective gear specializing in cold-weather environments (e.g. the Novikov armor) can quickly lead to hypothermia.

Chemical Formula
N Nitrogen 78.1%
O2 Molecular oxygen 20.9%
Ar Argon 0.93%
CO2 Carbon dioxide 0.04%

Deep Space Crew Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Party will be formed and launched shortly after the event start time.

Communications Protocol:
Focused operation comms during the event.
Off-topic discussions will be moved into another channel.

Rules of Engagement:
- Weapons hot at commanders discretion.

Team Builder

Choose your role & ship.



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