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Event Information
Event Title:
Event Date / Time:

28th Jul, 2019 2:30PM


28th Jul, 2019 10:30PM

Event Description:
Further exploration of the surface of ArcCorps moons Lyria & Wala.
Having recently arrived in Stanton system, Deep Space Crew endeavour to discover places of sanctuary from which they can rebuild their deep space exploration operations and provide safe harbour and support for their fellow crew. The beauty and resource-rich surfaces of Wala & Lyria have come to our attention and a combined air & ground-based expedition has been set in motion!



Intel & Expedition Requirements

Situational Report:
The biodiversity of Lyria and the resource deposit's on Wala require further investigation. A combined air & ground expedition team are to deploy to the ground base areas and load ground vehicles for any terrestrial exploration deemed necessary on Lyria then Wala. The team will collect data on the region for the data bank.

The Teams

The Crew

The Fleet

Fleet Requirements:
  • Constellation (science and expedition vehicle drop ship)
  • Valkyrie (security and expedition vehicle drop ship)
  • 315p (expedition pathfinder)
  • Freelancer (expedition support craft)
  • Prospector (science and resource)
  • Warden (expedition security)
  • Sabre (expedition security)

The Equipment

Equipment Requirements:
  • Medical pens
  • Oxygen pens

The Meeting Point

Official RV:
Port Olisar > Strut A

The Expedition Objectives

Expedition Objectives:
  • Fly in formation to vehicle pick-up location.
  • Safely load ground vehicle into drop ships.
  • Form surveyor formation line and sweep for crystal deposits.
  • Fly in formation to expedition landing zone.
  • Deploy low level flight survey of areas of interest.
  • Deploy ground vehicle and explore overland any areas deemed necessary.

The Locations

Expedition Locations:
  • Lyria
  • Wala

Deep Space Crew Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Crew are to set spawn location to Port Olisar.
Party launch will be used to bring all crew onto the same server.

Communications Protocol:
Please allow for the relay of operation updates and instructions from operation directors.
During the all-crew-ready check, only reply if you are not ready for takeoff.
Attempt to use in game VoIP frequently for localised communications.

Rules of Engagement:
This is a peaceful expedition, weapons are not to be fired without group approval.
Security team are to attempt to hail incoming ships and are not to engage first.

Team Builder

Choose your role & ship.



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