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Event Information
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Event Play Style:
Event Date / Time:

18th Jan, 2020 8:00PM

Multi Timezone Operation?:
  • No
Event Description:

An operation set in the forests of Microtech with the objectives of bringing back both a stolen ship and an old ally.Warm clothing and hot weapons recommended.


The intelligence on the operation

With the asset ''The Hacker'' secured, we can now proceed to the decryption of a recently received transmission.
After a while, the Hacker announces he has decrypted the transmission's origin, as well as its sender.
It originates from an approximate radius of 50km of New Babbage, given the fluctuations it was a forested region, and was apparently sent by a long-retired ally.
The message itself is still mostly encrypted, but the Hacker extracted the following information:
The transmission has an ''SOS'' tag hidden deep within, with a long serial number attached.
Upon research this number corresponds to a ship identification, an Origin 890J named ''The Nebulon'' that was recently declared stolen by an unknown pirate group.
If this Intel is correct, we could get our hands on this stolen Cruiser, and most importantly answer the distress call of our retired ally.
The Crew has decided to trust this data and is preparing for intervention and is expecting heavy resistance.

Star Sytem: Stanton
Planetary System: Microtech
Location: 50km radius of New Babbage, Microtech
Location data: Forested area, Origin 890J Cruiser ''The Nebulon''
Additional data: Snow storms expected, friendly asset on board the designated ship, to secure unharmed. The ship will be unlocked thanks to ''The Hacker''.


Official RV:
Team Objectives
Teams Required:
  • Delta
  • Security
  • Mercenaries








Security Team Objectives:
Assemble a boarding party, board the dropship and decide on a landing spot once the target is located.
Our hacker will be keeping the doors unlocked for the team to get in through the garage, the hangar or the airlocks.
Bring the hostage safely back to our dropship, then head back into the 890J to secure it and bring it back to the designated ArcCorp Are18 Rooftop.
Expect Armed resistance, search thouroughly for any late hitters.
Refueling required at ARC L4, midway to ArcCorp, expect interceptors.
Be aware that being hit by an EMP will disable the ship for a full 60 seconds and will open all doors.
This vulnerability will likely be used by the pirates to get back into the ship.
Security Fleet Requirements:
  • Weapons of choice and Medical Equipment
Armour & Load-out Requirements:
  • White armor set, Medium-Light recommended.
Call Sign:


Merc Team Objectives:
Listen up. Our guest here managed to send out an encrypted transmission.
I'd expect his friends to show up real quick to take back their friend and this ship.
Push them back, just dont scratch the paintjob or our guest. But if they're taking off with him, then blow him up, we don't need him to snitch on our location.
If they get the ship, don't worry, we made sure to not give the ship too much fuel.
They'll have to top up at ARC L4, and we got a boarding party with a sweet EMP waiting to intercept them there.
Merc Fleet Requirements:
  • Weapons of choice and Medical Equipment
Armour & Load-out Requirements:
  • Black/Grey armor set, Medium-Light recommended
Call Sign:
Welcome Party


Delta Team Objectives:
Scout a 50km radius around the New Babbage QT Marker (outside of armistice zones) for an 890J parked in a forested area.
Escort the Dropship to the Landing zone.
Insure air superiority, no firing on the 890J or the ground in order to avoid damaging the civilian owned ship or causing an avalanche.
Once Security brings back the hostage, depart for Port Tressler and insure safe arrival, the pirates will likely try to kill us and the hostage once they see us leaving.
Decide of the fleet distribution between escorting the hostage or the 890J.
Beware of planetside snowstorms.
Delta Fleet Requirements:
  • Dropship of choice
  • Escort fleet of choice
Call Sign:



Important civilian roles


Deep Space Crew Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Party Launch on operation starting time,
Make sure to set your spawn point to Port Tressler beforehand, changed to MIC L1 in case of Elevator bugs.

Communications Protocol:
Keep Comms clear and to a minimal during important moments.

Rules of Engagement:
No Air-to-Ground, No firing on the 890J and no firing on the hostage (except once he is inside the dropship).

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