• Ships Journal HF HQ: HF Momentum

    Date: 30th October 2050

    Ships present: HF Momentum, HF Puppy 1

    DSC Crew present (IOOA): SLingshot-Chris, Slingshot-Jin, Slingshot- Cal

    Guest crew present: None

    Location: Lyria, ArcCorp

    Perimeter distance: 25km

    Time of landing: Twighlight/dawn

    Av ground temp. -175° C

    Terrain: Tundra, rocky, Rock outcrops & ridges, small ground-level glacial pools, ice-covered boulders & some snow cover.

    Flora: None found to date

    Fauna: None found to date

    Other features:

    Shubin mining SAL 2 at 20km radius

    Journaler: Slingshot -Jin
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