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A Star Wars: Solo Parody

By Bo-Fone in General 225 views 30th Mar, 2021 Video Duration: N/A

Inspired by the long-awaited flight-ready launch of the Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner, FFK has paid tribute to an equally versatile and notorious space-faring vessel in this shot-for-shot homage parody trailer of Solo using 100% in-game Star Citizen footage…check it out!

Video concept, direction, camera work, and editing credits go to Roshiu_Prowler and Bo-Fone, with tremendous support provided by DrEntropy and a massive list of cast and crew from among the ranks of FFK who are credited in the YouTube video description.

We hope you enjoy (and upvote!) the video as much as we enjoyed making it! A side-by-side synchronized comparison video of our parody and the original source trailer can be found here.

Fly safe fellow Citizens, and enjoy your time! o7

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