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    My On boarding Procedure.

    1. Add each other to friends
    2. Join their server and/or explain the party launch procedure
    3. Find out where they are and guide them (if you can to the space port or ship terminals)
    4. Tell them to wait there whilst you join them face to face
    5. Explain the 3 main landing zones and the types of planets they are on - include what you can buy there, IE - Food, drink, clothing etc
    6. Talk them through calling their ship at the terminal, preferably the freelancer at the moment or if they have a 2 man vessel
    7. Advise them to get in the pilot seat and try and get somewhere where you can also see out the cockpit for directions
    8. Talk them through the departure procedure (will come in handy for landing procedure later on)
    9. Advise on restricted areas outside of landing zones and perform a take off into space
    10. Once in space Advise on different methods of control such as speed, hover mode etc
    11. Teach them about the starmap and how to plot a course, also advise them on fuel consumption
    12. QT to location and advise on landing procedure
    13. Land successfully
    14. Exit out of hanger and explain mission types
    15. Advise other mobiglass elements
    16. Q&A
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