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    Conspiracy Bob

    Of all the descendants of the Original 8, 2970 or Conspiracy Bob as we respectfully call him, contacts us the most. He doesn’t always share his controversial ‘insights’ with us, often he just wants to know we are all O.K. Like most of the DSC on the family tree, he does not share the details of his descendance and he rarely tells us of his whereabouts.

    2970 believes that the O8 were in fact on a rescue mission to find some of their own who had been caught up in the power struggles of the 2700’s. He has never had any doubt that intuvii have been sought out by war mongers and revolutionists alike throughout the verse to abuse their gift of intuvii for their own ends. He is the founder of an anarchist group called SubVerse. We have no idea how many citizens are actually part of SubVerse, doubters joke that he himself might be the only one. However his ‘insights’ are often supported by a torrent of facts and actual events that any truth seeker finds difficult to ignore.

    In truth, Conspiracy Bob isn’t just some old, crazy spaceport lounger and over the years he has gathered a number of followers. SubVerse are actually very active under the surface looking for conspiracies in unlikely places all over The Verse.

    With a huge distrust of factions within the UEE, and in fact all governmental bodies whose financial infrastructure seems to result in massive inequality and an insidious lack of freedom for its citizens and overall disrespect for any lifeform that gets in their way, he is also very dubious of the motivation behind The Ark, which in his own words,

    “Even though the immense information contributed to The Ark is helping to map the universe via the Starmap, beneath the concept of unity it is glossed with, it might not be the bright shiny, save-all dream it is stoked up to be, but actually just some authoritarian database to control us and help maintain the UEE’s fragile status quo,”

    “It is OK”, Bob warns, “When it is used for the benefit of people and unity, but if it were in the wrong hands and turned against us, it could have devastating consequences ”

    Conspiracy Bob married outside of the O8 family tree to Maisie who died within her average human lifespan. Children? 2970’s natural inbred O8 elusiveness paired with over a hundred years to refine his own personally developed paranoia, means it is very doubtful we will ever know the answer to this question.

    “This is a work of fan fiction. All characters, places, events, ships, and ship designs, and other content originating from Star Citizen, Squadron 42, or other content produced or created by its publishers or developers, are the property of Cloud Imperium Rights LLC and Cloud Imperium Rights Limited.”
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