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    Transcription of a handkept *6 record from Saorsa Dion, a last remaining O8 requested of her by a friend of Deep Space Crew to share with the organisation.

    To Saorsa Dion, if you see this, we {Deep Space Crew}, would like to express our gratitude to you for making contact with us. To the gobetween who initiated it, please don’t leave it so long before contacting us again. To you both, go safely.

    The Transcript.

    As i begin to write, it feels awkward, because writing is something i learnt late in life to help a necessary integration into the society that i, {and the rest of the O8*1 Original Eight crew}, found ourselves in after The Arrival. Why we had never learnt to write previous to that, is a good place to begin this handkept record to share with your organisation of fellow keepers of the vision.

    After The Arrival*2, most of the O8’s time spent within the societal system was relatively short lived. In this time we connected with some good people, became space faring again and able to continue the nomadic existence that resonated more with our true nature on all levels. Others, with a taste for adventure and eager to live a different life, joined us.

    Although we met many good individuals, we realised that we could never resonate with the system we found ourselves in, or any other system where methods of control are in place. Our ancestors left such concepts behind a long time ago, with the belief that even the best intentions for control are utterly unnecessary for an abundant and peaceful existence.

    We have never yet been able to answer the mystery of our actual whereabouts before The Arrival, or what we were doing, where we were heading or why, however we have rediscovered much about ourselves and why we instinctively perceive the world around us in the way we do.

    We found that our philosophy, beliefs and desires stemmed from seed impressions so deeply ingrained in our psyche that we don’t just identify with these impressions, we are unable to comfortably identify with anything other than them.

    These impressions also alter the frequency spectrum at which our bodies generally vibrate at a cellular level. Of course this is true of each and every sentient being, with frequency as an unavoidable factor that sets all living creatures physically apart from one and another. It is our specific frequency spectrum however, that makes us intuvii by enabling us to tune in to a state of intuvision*3. And although this frequency spectrum isn’t unique to us, being a descendant of generations of intuvii seems to have made it an epigenetic inevitability.

    Some words that best describe these impressions in terms of intellectual concepts are freedom, connectedness, inclusivity, universal integration, oneness, wholeness, fullness, holistic, homeostasis, equilibrium, equality, unity with all existence. The intuvii word we use to round this meaning up is wholiostasii*5, but we could just call it love for all life and it is the same thing.

    Intuvisionary*4 memories,{some of which we are recording with the hope of sharing one day}, make it easy for intuvii to believe in the haven of utter, absolute well being that we are inspired to create in every living moment, but sometimes even those that don’t experience these memories also appreciate the possibility… we believe that these visionaries have developmental intuvision that can eventually lead to intuvii and that in just one lifetime they can become what took us generations to. They too will then be able to gain access to a resonant well of information, by way of intuvision. {There are levels of intuvision, the mechanics of which i will not go into right now}.

    They can also experience and live, if they choose, in a state of wholiostasii. We understand this to be similar to a type of nirvana. A beautiful presence resonating at such a frequency that it seemed to give us a resonant immunity against anything that might threaten it. This presence can be experienced by a single person all the way to whole star systems and beyond. There are no limits to the expansion of wholiostasii. It needs no external stimulus, it is an utterly natural state of being.

    Anyway to get back to why we don’t usually put things in writing. Because of the combination of the way our memory works and how we can communicate in a way that we understand to be similar to psychically, by sharing intuvisions, intuvii don’t usually write. However we have realised that handkept records are beneficial right now, so we have been happy to respond to the request of an anonymous friend of Deep Space Crew, who will pass this message to the Archive Division, to transcribe in a format to share with the organisation. We are quite aware of this organisation.

    The last remaining intuvii of which i am one, live in transient hiding to maintain this frequency that is our birthright. We stay tuned in order to maintain the frequency in the space we are so we can live peaceful existence, wherever, whenever. We watch with welcoming hearts as our descendants and developing intuvii throughout the verse, knowing and unknowing alike, against the odds, through all adversity, share the vision. Go safely.

    Glossary of language annotations.

    *1, O8. O8 stands for Original Eight, which is the name given to the the eight spacefarers found in some sort of cryogenic state floating in escape pods amongst the wreckage of a spaceship in 2700. The true inspiriters of the DSC vision of exploration & expansion.

    *2, The Arrival. The Arrival is the name that has come to mean when the O8 were discovered.

    *3, Intuvision. A blend of intuition and vision which is experienced as if it were actually happening.

    *4, Intuvisionary memories. These are intuvisions that have been recognised to be memories.

    *5, Wholiostasii. A blend of whole and homeostasis. A natural state whereby someone wholey realises their connection with all life on all levels.
    Words with similar meanings that collectively help to describe the intuvii word Wholiostasii are; connectedness, inclusivity, universal integration, oneness, wholeness, fullness, holistic connection, homeostasis, equilibrium, equality, unity with all existence, mind/ body/ spirit, freedom, \love. Someone in a state of wholiostasii can be called wholi. Wholistassi comes naturally to those with the gift of intu or intuvii.

    *6, Handkept. Hand written, sketched, drawn, recorded by hand

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