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    Command clears Delta for ship retrieval and boarding.
    Command clears Delta for formation take-off.

    Delta provides air traffic status report.
    - green / clear for crewing and launch.
    - yellow / unconfirmed hostiles.
    - red / hostiles identified.

    Command clears Echo for ship retrieval and boarding.
    Security division secures boarding and accompanies Echo.
    Command clears Echo for formation take-off.
    Pioneers once airborne join Delta formation.
    Pathfinder once airborne jumps to nearby deep space.
    Command calibrates jump point.
    Command clears fleet for spool & initiates fleet jump.


    Establish party com link + radio check
    "Radio check OK"

    "Flight groups sit-rep"

    "Delta ready" - "summon ships and board"
    "Delta sit-rep" - "Delta - green / yellow / red"

    "Echo ready" - "summon ships and board"
    "Echo sit-rep"

    "Pathfinder sit-rep"
    "Pathfinder ready"
    "Pathfinder establish forward jump point"

    "Delta lead establish QT lock on Pathfinder"
    "All pilots lock position & spool drives"
    "All pilots sit-rep and clear to launch"
    "Delta lead engage drive"
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