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    DSC Family Tree

    Due to the elusive nature of the original 8 crew members & all those that followed, there are a lot of blank spaces in the family tree, we hope that over time these blanks will be filled with names and lives, on our journey to discovering our forgotten origins. Until then here is a general overview of the DSC Family Tree.

    1st Generation - {The Original 8}
    Unofficially, there are rumours of two known surviving members of the original 8, a couple living in seclusion who would be old now even by their own standards. On arrival, they had no memory of who, where, when or why, though they did retain a strong sense of belonging.

    Of the 2nd generation, who are the descendants of the four couples that made up the original 8, all of them could potentially be alive at a year or two either side of 100 years old, though some of this generation partnered up with people outside of the original 8 line of descendancy who would probably not be. When it comes to their ancestry and whereabouts, these pre-Ark generations are very low key, particularly those with the gift of intu*, the intuvii, who generally keep this gift secret.

    In fitting with their true nature, they live a nomadic, base-to-base existence of continual exploration. Far flung throughout the verse which they see as home. ‘Home’ to them meaning anywhere ‘known’ to them and everything and anyone who lives in that known place.

    Some travel together and may make up part of the DSC, but many have lost physical touch with each other. Those gifted with intu can remain intuvisionarily connected and these intuvii immediately recognise each other when they meet.

    The 3rd post-Ark generation, their 4th generation descendants and crew of like minded, space faring explorers endeavour to delve ever deeper into space, expanding their interstellar home & making a life for themselves in the verse.

    *Intu: similar to highly psychic ability, and shamanic dream states, experiencing dreamlike visions ‘intuvisions’ complete with sensory experience of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, of situations from any point in time, so sometimes prophetic. Potentially everyone has the gift of intu which is really the ability to access a well of eternal and infinite information, but developed over generations it becomes epigenetically ingrained in the physical make-up and psyche so people can be born an intuvi. Throwback intuvii are not unheard of.

    More on intuvii coming soon to the Archive Division

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