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UEES Nebulosa
Anvil Aerospace


The UEES Nebulosa - A Carrack available for Fleet Horizon including use for Industrial ROC mining, S&R and exploration..

Want to be a captain of this great vessel on an ad-hoc basis? Got what it takes to manage a crew successfully? Or, are you a team player who can take guidance & instructions from your captain and be part of the crew? Want to sail the stars with this beautiful ship? Including acquiring artefacts of rarity from explorational missions, gain knowledge of the verse and attend missions as required from DSC Vanguard & Command?

Are you ready to explore the verse? Looking for a professional crew to fly with? Want recognition and want to be part of a great team? Then look no further than the Nebulosa!

Apply & fly today!

Contact DSC Phalannx on Discord for more information!


'Soar through the stars like an šŸ¦…, your strength & determination benefits you as one.. let that inspire the rest of us!'


See you in the verse!

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