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Meet & Fly

Event Information
Event Play Style:
Event Title:
Event Date / Time:

16th Sep, 2019 7:00PM


16th Sep, 2019 10:30PM

Event Description:

A meeting of the crew onboard a suitable ship & dropping down to the surface to practise our low level flying.

Situational Report

Meeting Overview

General Overview:
Crew meeting in low orbit above Yela then flight training low to the surface.
Crew are to RV at Deakins Research Outpost on Yela to be transported to the meeting ship and will be returned to their ships at meeting close.
Are attendees required to bring vehicles?:

Vehicle Requirements:
  • Transport to meeting

  • Yela
  • Deakins Research Outpost

Official RV:
Port Olisar - Strut Alpha
Dress Code

Personal Armour Requirements

Recommended under-suit & armour:
  • Pilot suitable

Personal Weapon Load-out

Recommended personal weapons:
  • Side arms
  • Security detail whatever they please

Meeting Objectives

  • Crew member to help master the missions for USA time zone.

DSC Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Crew are to set spawn location to Port Olisar.
Party launch will be used to bring all crew onto the same server.
(multiple party launches are likely to take place prior to the expedition)

Communications Protocol:
Allow for the relay of operation updates and instructions from operation directors.
Attempt to use in-game VoIP frequently for localised communications.

Rules of Engagement:
This is a peaceful meeting, weapons are not to be fired without Delta commands approval.
The security team are to attempt to hail incoming ships prior to engagement.

Team Builder

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