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Meet & Fly

Event Information
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Event Date / Time:

9th Sep, 2019 7:00PM


9th Sep, 2019 10:30PM

Event Description:

Deep Space Crew meet & fly.

Meet up with the fellow crew to discuss the future of Deep Space Crew & it's members plus some formation flying

Situational Report

Meeting Overview

General Overview:
Deep Space Crew Meeting will be in Yela orbit directly above Talarine Divide Shelter, this will be on board a single ship. Attendees on arrival will be required to position their ships in an orderly fashion around the allocated ship & await pickup for transport to the meeting vessel.
All ships to depart Port Olisar - Strut Alpha for Yela orbit at 07.30.
Meeting starts 08.00 - All attendees to be onboard meeting vessel.
Are attendees required to bring vehicles?:

Vehicle Requirements:
  • Ship of your choice
  • Larger meeting ship

  • Yela orbit directly above Talarine Divide Shelter

Official RV:
Port Olisar - Strut Alpha
Dress Code

Personal Armour Requirements

Recommended under-suit & armour:
  • Pilot suitable armour of your choice

Personal Weapon Load-out

Recommended personal weapons:
  • No personal weapons required
  • Security detail weapons of choice

Meeting Objectives

  • 1. Flight training operations
  • 2. Defining hardcore & casual players
  • 3. Our independent self sustaining fleet
  • 4. Improving communication protocols

DSC Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Crew are to set spawn location to Port Olisar.
Party launch will be used to bring all crew onto the same server.

Communications Protocol:
Allow for operation command to relay mission-critical information and instruction and keep comms clear of unnecessary chatter & off-topic discussion during the operation.

Rules of Engagement:

Team Builder

Choose your role & ship.



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