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8th Sep, 2019 6:30PM


8th Sep, 2019 11:30PM

Event Description:

An expedition to the regions of Hurston's moon Arial.

Deep Space Crew endeavour to discover places of sanctuary from which they can rebuild their deep space exploration operations and provide safe harbour and support for their fellow crew. The polar regions of celestial bodies often provide especially interesting geological features. Arial has been deemed an area of interest & is still largely unexplored by our pioneers so we're dropping in for a closer look to prospect the area for future operations.



Intel & Expedition Requirements

Situational Report:
Attention has been brought to Arial's polar & equatorial regions, little is known yet by our pioneers of this moon's surface. it's time to familiarise ourselves and prospect the area for future operations.

The Teams

The Crew

Available Positions:
  • Exploration ship pilot
  • Exploration team members
  • Support ship pilots
  • Security team pilots
  • Ground security team members

The Fleet

Fleet Requirements:
  • Constellation Aquila (expedition)
  • 600i Explorer (optional)
  • Constellation Andromeda (expedition support)
  • Terrapin (pathfinder)
  • Arrow (fleet defense)
  • Gladius (fleet defense)
  • Vanguard Warden/Hoplite (fleet defense)
  • F7C Hornet

The Equipment

Equipment Requirements:
  • Medical Supplies
  • Oxygen Supplies
  • Side arms
  • Heavy weapons for ground security team
Armour Requirements:
  • Exploration pilot - Lightweight (Bright)
  • Exploration crew - Suitable armour for the environment
  • Support ship pilots - Lightweight (Dark)
  • Air security pilots - Lightweight (Woodland)
  • Ground security team - Heavy armour (Suitable for the environment)

The Meeting Point

Official RV:
Port Olisar Strut Alpha

The Expedition Objectives

Expedition Objectives:
  • Spawn larger required ships.
  • Securely board & form line formation parallel with Port Olisar.
  • Transfer to HUR-L1 for small ship deployment
  • Form formation designated in operations gallery.
  • Fly in formation away from HUR-L1.
  • Halt fleet formation and align for jump to Hurston. (to be done as a group)
  • Upon arrival align and jump to Arial. then to a chosen polar OM. (to be done as a group)
  • Descend into atmosphere in formation designated in operations gallery.
  • Halt formation and deploy pathfinder for low level flight survey for appropriate landing zone.
  • Remaining expedition fleet fly in formation to landing zone.
  • Explore the surrounding areas for locations of interest.
  • Fly in formation into orbit for return jump to Port Olisar for mission closure.

The Locations

Expedition Locations:
  • Hurston's Moon: Arial
  • HUR-L1
Extra Location Information?:
Extra Location Data:
Arial is a moon of Hurston. This moon was named after the 3rd CEO of Hurston Dynamics, Arial Hurston, who was known for creating the controversial Life/Labor-style employee contract.
Surface Outposts
Surface pressure 0.8 atm
Height 20,500 m
Arial's atmosphere primarily contains nitrogen, although trace amounts of methane and hydrogen are present as well. It is toxic to humans; breathing equipment is mandatory. Surface conditions on the moon tend to be hazy, and its temperature causes shimmering refraction effects, further reducing visibility.

N Nitrogen 97.7%
CH4 Methane 1.8%
H Hydrogen 0.53%
A small cluster of asteroids surrounded by human debris is present above HDMS Lathan.

Deep Space Crew Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Crew are to set spawn location to Port Olisar.
Party launch will be used to bring all crew onto the same server.
(multiple party launches are likely to take place prior to the expedition)

Communications Protocol:
Allow for the relay of operation updates and instructions from operation directors.
During the all-crew-ready check, only reply if you are not ready for takeoff.
Attempt to use in-game VoIP frequently for localised communications.

Rules of Engagement:
This is a peaceful expedition, weapons are not to be fired without group approval.
The security team are to attempt to hail incoming ships and are not to engage first.

Team Builder

Choose your role & ship.



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