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Event Information
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Event Title:
Event Date / Time:

30th Aug, 2019 9:30PM

Event Description:

An air combat training mission set on Cellin in the Crusader system


Intel & Requirements

Situation Report:
Tensions run high as the fight for transparency continues between Deep Space Crew Archive Division & the local authorities.
Answers are thin on the ground and there is the feeling that if the DSC Archive Division keep pushing buttons that hostilities will be inevitable.
Equipment Requirements:
Medium-light armour that is suitable for fighter pilots.
Weapons of choice.
  • Port Olisar
  • Flanagan's Ravine Aid Shelter - Cellin
  • Julep Ravine Aid Shelter - Cellin
  • Ashburn Channel Aid Shelter - Cellin
  • Mogote Shelter - Cellin
  • Dunlow Ridge Aid Shelter - Daymar
Team 1 Objectives

Team 1 Intel

Team 1 intelligence report:
High command has been putting pressure on the local authorities to provide any information they might have on the original Deep Space Crew members, their arrival ship & debrief data. So far they have received nothing but firm resistance.

Certain crew members are becoming impatient and are concluding that something important is being deliberately hidden from us.

After several weeks of intense negotiation, nothing has been delivered but one of our Grey Ops members received a late-night message from an anonymous caller & was tipped off that there was a high possibility of a heavily secured secret storage facility on Cellin.

Though some of our Intuvii are sensing no presence of any of our archives on Cellin High Command felt it necessary to sanction a full search of the aid shelters present on Cellin.

Team 1 Operational Objectives

Team 1 Mission Objectives:
1. Mount a secure search of the aid shelters on Cellin.
2. Report back to Dunlow ridge aid shelter on Daymar.

Required Vehicles

Fleet Requirements:
  • Medium light fighters

Team Start Point

Official RV:
Port Olisar - Strut Alpha
Team 2 Objectives

Team 2 Intel

Team 2 intelligence report:
Fighter squadron "Claw" is to relieve fighter squadron "Dragon" on their protection detail on xxx REDACTED xxx base on Cellin.
Our anonymous clients have informed us to stay alert during this shift as there have been reports of activity at Port Olisar that could suggest Cellin was getting more than it's fair share of interest this evening.
Word is " Stay Frosty"

Team 2 Operational Objectives

Team 2 Mission Objectives:
1. Fighter squadron "Claw" is to relieve fighter squadron "Dragon" on their protection detail.
2. Protect the area from any / all interested parties.

Required Vehicles

Fleet Requirements:
  • Medium - Light fighters

Team Start Point

Official RV:
Port Olisar - Strut Bravo

Deep Space Crew Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Crew members are to set spawn location to Port Olisar prior to joining the event.
Party launch will be used to bring all crew onto the same server.
(multiple party launches are likely to take place prior to the exercise)

Communications Protocol:
Allow for the relay of operation updates and instructions from operation command.
Attempt to use in-game VoIP frequently for localised communications.
Use appropriate discord channels for your roles.

Rules of Engagement:
Destroy any hostiles in the area. hail friendlies and attempt communication to clarify intentions.

Team Builder

Choose your role & ship.



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