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Meeting 15062020

Event Information
Event Play Style:
Event Title:
Event Date / Time:

15th Jun, 2020 8:00PM


15th Jun, 2020 10:00PM

Event Description:

Crew meeting at an undisclosed location.

Situational Report

Meeting Overview

General Overview:
Standard crew meeting with Knox races on an MT Moon.
Are attendees required to bring vehicles?:

  • microTech
  • New Babbage
  • Euterpe

Official RV:
Port Tressler
Dress Code

Personal Armour Requirements

Recommended under-suit & armour:
  • Casual
  • Security - Whites
  • Delta - Flight ready

Personal Weapon Load-out

Recommended personal weapons:
  • Not required
  • Security - Preferred small arms
  • Delta - Preferred small arms

Meeting Objectives

  • 3.10 Preparations. Things to come.
  • Security direction & training.
  • Divisional integration & requests.

DSC Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Party will be formed and launched shortly after the event start time.

Communications Protocol:
Focused operation comms during the event.
Off-topic discussions will be moved into another channel.

Rules of Engagement:
Weapons hot at commanders discretion.

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