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Search & Rescue
Event Title:
Event Date / Time:

12th Jun, 2020 7:00PM


12th Jun, 2020 11:00PM

Event Description:

The recovery of two of our top scientists caught out whilst investigating an anomalous object of unknown origin from "The Bemused Triangle" continues.

SAR Operation Details
SAR Area of Operations:
  • MicroTech
RV Point:
Tressler Space Station
Required Ships:
  • Carrack
  • Valkyrie
  • Delta Fighters
  • Herald
  • Support ships
Required Ground Vehicles:
  • URSA Rover
  • Cyclone TR
  • Cyclone RN
  • Cyclone AA
Equipment Requirements:
  • Extreme cold weather armor
Extra Division Involvement:
Mission Objectives:
  • 1. Assemble at Tressler for mission brief.
  • 2. Prepare ships and personal equipment/rations
  • 3. Move to NBSI Garages for loading of ground vehicles.
  • 4. Re-locate the SAR Fleet at OM1.
  • 5. Pathfinders will relocate at the intended LZ for the remainder of the ships to QT to.
  • 6. Relocate main fleet to Caterpillar crash site [C] [see maps].
  • 7. Deploy ground vehicles and approach all target locations cautiously.
  • 8. Relocate to Caterpillar crash [Site B] by frozen lakeside.
  • 9. Security to deploy and secure the perimeter and search for any sign of life.
  • 10. Collect all data and any physical evidence/crew and return to the ground vehicles.
  • 11. Relocate to Starfarer crash site by frozen lakeside [Site A].
  • 12. Security to deploy and secure the perimeter and search for any sign of life.
  • 13. Collect all data and any physical evidence/crew and return to the ground vehicles.
  • 14. Return to SAR HQ to secure the assets and load the ground vehicles.
  • 15. Return all assets to fleet command and return to New Babbage for debrief.
Mission Brief
  SAR Details Page
Mission Brief:
At a remote northerly location on microTech two of our brightest scientists fight for survival in harsh conditions using the shelter of a crash site, after the first rescue attempts were called off because of extreme weather conditions a second attempt is underway and they wait for rescue.

On unscrambling the message it was apparent that their craft experienced avionics failure and detected a strong data signal of an unknown origin in the local area, they then proceeded to walk to the source of the signal but one of them is now unable to return to her ship because of the extremely cold conditions, her suit is having a problem dealing with due to a possible malfunction and requires evac.

Our intel informs us of three crashed cargo ships all within a small area that seems to have an anomalous signal emitting from it. Initial rescue attempts are suggesting that the signal is affecting flight controls and avionics of ships within a 10km range but was not reaching as far as the first Caterpillar crash site [C] to be investigated, making this a better area to deploy the ground vehicles to continue the search and we will use this location as mission HQ and initial LZ.

After our initial attempt, the decision to increase security has been made.

Fleet Command is interested in getting any physical objects that might be on-site to the science division for full analysis.

We will be approaching the target in ground vehicles and will be fully prepared for any hostilities.

Deep Space Crew Standard Operating Procedures

Party Launch Protocol:
Party will be formed and launched shortly after the event start time.
Communications Protocol:
Focused operation comms during the event.
Off-topic discussions will be moved into another channel.
Rules of Engagement:
  • Weapons hot at commanders discretion.
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