What did 750 hours of travel find at the Core of the Stanton Star?


The Icarus 3 crew from Deep Space Crew reached the core of Stanton star on 07 July 2951 on Icarus Mission Day 30. The Icarus 3 mission is a continuation of the Icarus 2 mission that reached the Stanton star on 29 June 2951 after departing Everus Harbor on 06 June 2951. After a brief stop at the Stanton star surface, the Icarus 3 crew commenced the remaining 696,000km distance travel from the Stanton star surface to the Stanton star core. 

Navigation inside the star surface presented a different navigation challenge from getting to the star as there was no lighted star object to use as a steering reference. The crew further refined the use of the Stanton starbox to navigate towards the unlighted Stanton light source. 

As the crew approached the core, the crew began a systematic search for the star light source. The crew had developed a 0.05% deviation error of 1600km from the desired course to the star core over the total 2.9 million km journey. 


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