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Although it may not look like it, this is first and foremost a mining ship, not the Love Boat.

And, if you understood that reference, you're really old.

As a heads-up, my blog will be presented primarily from my in-game avatar's point of view.  That's more of a choice based on previous experience writing game-based blogs, which helps me and, hopefully, my readers, with immersion.  However, I will occasionally step out-of-character to explain things that can't be well-explained from the avatar's perspective.  When I present something that's out-of-character, I'll make a point of changing the format to make the difference more apparent, especially if the post is a mixed format of in-character and out.  Otherwise, expect an in-character presentation that could be narrative or conversational in nature.  It will be my intent to maintain immersion to the extent possible.

Just so you know, I'm a pilot.  In real life as well as in-game.  So, my preferences and abilities are a bit skewed.  Sometimes more skewed than not.  Moreover, I'm primarily a mining pilot.  I'm also a drop-ship pilot, but the skills I apply to that area are a direct result of my time flying mining ships.  As a mining pilot, I'm also a miner.  However, I don't know near as much about mining as I do piloting.  Mind you, I've made a few credits flying my prospector, but I greatly prefer the crew environment on a MOLE or hauling several ROC miners about various landscapes using my drop ship.  If you catch me when I'm not flying a mining ship, I'm probably piloting a crewed cargo ship.  I'm a blue-collar pilot, through and through, but I do like to occasionally sit my grimy flight suit into the cushy leather pilot seat of those white-collar yachts; just don't expect me to clean the upholstery before I leave.  ;)

If you happen find me out and about, there's a high probability you'll find me hanging out with Glumm; at this point, we've been flying together for over a decade.  Glumm and I have plied the skies of Earth over and through the Rocky Mountains, and all the way down to south-central Texas.  Now, we can be found in the skies over various planets and moons throughout the Stanton system.  To be sure, though, as members of Deep Space Crew, we're looking forward to extending our reach into the Pyro sytstem, and beyond, as new frontiers are opened to those of us seeking new adventures.

I think that's enough of an introduction for the moment.  Be sure to stow your gear and clean up after yourself in the galley and the head.  If you have any questions, be sure to ask.  Welcome aboard!

HF Maggie
Deep Space Crew ~ The Arrival

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