Tu's Story ~ Part 3 ~ Home Sweet Home

Tu's Story Part 3 Home Sweet Home Tu's Story Part 3 Home Sweet Home

Shaken up by the event at the space station she had stopped off at on her way home, Tu soon noticed that things back at the homestead were a little weird too.

After the initial warm homecoming greetings, she couldn't seem to get a straight answer out of anyone, who seemed mostly too preoccupied with something that definitely seemed to exclude her.

She noticed that the artefact, however, was receiving a lot of attention, all be it discreet. A few days after her return home, Tu's Terrapin had arrived back at the camp in a convoy with two other ships.

The pilot, after unloading a couple of small cargo boxes & a few hasty words with Bob, jumped straight back in one of the other ships which both then left again, almost immediately.

Bob turned about & headed off toward the shipyard carrying the cargo boxes, probably to his workshop, a grounded Herald that had found its way there some years back and never left. 

Tu's Terrapin had arrived back at camp
Tu's Terrapin It looked like it had seen battle
Tu walked over to touch base with her Terrapin. 

As she approached, she was horrified to see the state of it. It looked like it had seen battle… & not fared too well at that. 

She opened the door, which clunked, stuttered & jammed. A bit upset, Tu vented her frustration & thumped the door, then had to jump out the way as the ramp sprang down unconstrained. 

Inside her ship, things were no better.
Inside her ship, things were no better.
“What in space happened to you, my poor Terrapin?”
Everywhere she looked there was damage

Her mother Ebe arrived in time to hear the question. Ebe wandered around the back of the ship looking worried. Tu noticed her mother swiftly wipe something off the arm of the scanning chair.

"What was that?," thought Tu, "It looked like blood?".

"Mum!," Tu pleaded in frustration," What's going on? What are you not telling me?"

Ebe looked at her daughter sympathetically & gave her a hug.

"I know Tu, it must be pretty frustrating. All will be made clear.. we are just waiting for someone to arrive first."

"Who?" asked Tu, her impatience turning to curiosity.

" Saorsa & Sisu." There was excitement in Ebes voice & a grin took over her face as  she as she held her daughter's shoulder & jostled them playfully.

Tu was taken aback by this reply, she hadn't seen her great grandparents in a long while. It was a rare visit indeed. She presumed it was because of the distance between their homesteads. No one had ever really told her where, in the star system, they lived. Or, in fact, if they even lived in this star system. It was beginning to dawn on Tu, just how much she didn't know & she was wondering if this was intentional. Ebes happiness was infectious & Tu found herself smiling despite her trashed ship.

Ebe was watching her daughter's face. "Come on," she said, grabbing Tu's arm and pivoting her around to the door. " I need your help with something, it's so good to see you, tell me about Eyla, how's she doing?" Together, they began walking away from the sorry wreck that was Tu's Terrapin. 

As they passed the shipyard, Tu's father who was in there busy with what looked like the cargo boxes that arrived earlier, waved & smiled affectionately at his family. Ebe darted away over to him, Tu didn't hear what she said but watched as her mum nodded in the direction of the Terrapin, before quickly returning to Tu's side, re-linking arms & continuing their journey the outer limits of the homestead to its beloved 'Far Garden'

The next time Tu saw her Terrapin, it was in the shipyard being looked over by her father.

She joined him & was soon patiently listening to him tell her what he needed to do in order to fix it, whilst avoiding to mention how it got like that in the first place. Tu didn't push it, & was soon busy helping her father remove, search for, clean & replace. When they finally returned home, the sun was setting & They were one day closer to the arrival of their elders.

This is an excerpt from Deep Space Crew ~ An Ongoing Story ~ By The Slingshots.

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