StarLog #M237


Today was a good day. I've started my journey at Port Tressler. I had a good feeling about what was to come.

My mobiGlass beeped. A new mission! Clovus Darneely wants to see me. He said he's gonna meet me at his scrap processing center Reclamation & Disposal in Lorville. Good. Time to start a day.

After a quick snack I took off from Port Tressler in my trusty Cutlass Red. Having the Crossfield quantum drive in it meant that the trip to Hurston was quick and painless. I've arrived at Lorville soon after. Planning for the mission ahead I landed by the Lorville Gate#1.

About 3 minutes walk over to the train station. I took the train straight to the Workers District, where I met Colvus. As always, he was happy to see me. He had the mission ready and quickly brought me up to speed. A satellite crashed. Important data could be found on it's data disks.

I need to recover it. Got it. You can count on me!

I grabbed some resources, you never know when the hunger or thirst will strike. Better safe than sorry. Took a train back to the Gate#1. There I grabbed my Buggy. 
I knew one day it would come in handy. Drove it over back to my ship. Parked it inside. I'll need you in a bit my small friend.

Next, need to find that satellite. Let's go. It's just 380 km away from Lorville! After a few quick jumps I'm there. 


Satellite is burning but the disks compartment seems intact. I've recovered the card without any bigger problems, but it seems like I pressed the wrong button or something. Distress signal went out. Somebody will be chasing me soon to recover this disk.

I quickly took off. Time to fly over to one of the bunkers. They have quite powerful computers in those. I'll be able to decipher the data from the disk and send it over to Clovus.

Of course, the bunker is protected. I've parked my Cuttie Red on a hill few kilometers out of range of those nasty turrets. See my Buggy friend, I told you I'll find another use for you. Time to drive to the bunker.

I've arrived at the bunker no problem. Luckily the turrets are only focusing on flying targets. I managed to sneak past them. Somebody's been here before doors or blown wide open. 

"Prepare for resistance"

I thought to myself


Right, a few poor souls. They were not expecting me at all. Though it's not my fault that they've decided to attack this bunker on the day when I needed to get to those computers. No wonder the turret's were activated.

Took care of them. Rest in peace. That's what you get for attacking a Hurston's bunker I guess.

I found the computer. Disk fit right in. Scan was quick. Around 60 seconds. That's it. Colvus has his important data now. I got payed. All went better than expected. Time to get out of here.

Elevator brought me up to the surface. A beautiful warm sunrise welcomed me outside. 

I grabbed a few pictures and then drove my Buggy back to my ship. Took off, flew home.

"It was a good day."

Tu's Story ~ Part 2 ~ Fated Detour

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