S.O.P - Shield | Forward Recon

Deep Space Crew


Delta | Forward Recon Protocol


  1. Designate recon unit captain & wingmen.

  2. Group jump to route destination.

  3. Survey 10km radius, provide fleet with threat assessment and sit-rep.


BLUE: Peaceful space, no threats detected.

AMBER: Potential threats in the area, proceed with caution.

BLACK: Known hostiles or attackers in the area.


Safe & Secure

  1. Report situation and clear fleet for the jump.
  2. Fall into formation and escort the fleet upon arrival to their destination. 

Advancing With Caution.

  1. Report the situation and request reinforcements.
  2. With reinforcements secure arrival point perimeter.
  3. Clear fleet for jump, fall into a defensive formation, escort fleet to destination. 

Engaged on Arrival, Requesting Support.

  1. Report the situation & request support.
  2. Engage the attackers using evasive tactics.
  3. With the arrival of support secure arrival point perimeter.
  4. Clear fleet for jump, fall into a defensive formation, escort fleet to destination. 

Recon, Report, Return.

  1. Remain undetected, without engaging, gather intel & identify hostiles.
  2. Retreat to a safe distance then return to the fleet via a detour to avoid being tailed.

S.O.P - Unified Fleet Quantum Travel
S.O.P - Ground Vehicle Boarding & Deployment

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