S.O.P - Contact Protocol



Contact Protocol


As we explore the verse we endeavor to encounter life in all forms human and alien while building peaceful positive relationships wherever possible.

During an encounter, it is the responsibility of all crew to communicate this and strive for positive interactions with all.

We are the deep space crew and we come in peace!


During potential hostile encounters, the contact protocol defines the conditions for retaliation.

On contact, identify the unknown & communicate intentions while attempting to clarify their own.

If deemed a threat, stipulate conditions to their presence in your space with a fair warning for failing to adhere.

If the warnings are unheeded, form a unit to forcibly remove the threat by any means necessary.


If a threat is detected alert fellow crew and attempt to hail the contact and clarify their intentions.


If you or your fellow crew are attacked you are free to engage the hostiles.


If a target has been designated by command you are free to engage that target.

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