Ophelia Vine Issue #6 June 2951

Ophelia Vine Issue #6 June 2951

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 Operation Bad Reception

Deep Space Crew & Legacy Fleet, QISS Organizations & special invitationals.

Operation Bad Reception could best be summed up by its own scenario tagline: 

"Arms deals rarely go smoothly."

Differing opinions on gameplay approaches of the Orgs involved made this Inter-Org collab all the more interesting. Thanks to Legacy Fleet, QISS Organizations.

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Operation Icarus

A lot of attention has been drawn to the Icarus 2 mission this month where folks have followed Crew's in-depth preparations & dedicated 22-day journey, travelling the HUGE distance to the Stanton Star - with interest as to where it would lead. The journey concluded with Crew arriving at their destination on 29 Jun 2951: shared by stream, celebrated with a playlist & acknowledged by some high profile advocators in the SC community. Including CIG.

Not quite satiated by their achievement - in the true spirit of exploration, Crew continue their journey to further find out if anything is at the centre of this star...yet... come on CIG finish the star, in fact, finish the Verse!!

In truth, there is already plenty to discover right now: Exploration HF

You can follow mission 3 of the Icarus Op - mission3 on the DSC Blog

Cover image courtesy @CaptSheppard

DSC Gatherings

Crew gathered this month in Cellin's orbit - Crusader;
To discuss important topics from the perspective of the Org. Key points that arose were:

  • The Orgs perspective on griefing,
  • The organisation & preparation of provisions for long haul Fleet expeditions
  • DSC supply base sectors & their possible region-specific responsibilities
  • The future of exploration; with a focus on possible protocols of arriving on new planets for the first time when more systems open up in the Verse.

New members are welcome to Crew gatherings & it can be a great opportunity to get a clearer view of the Orgs overall perspective on things, to ask questions & input your own opinions - on a cool ship, in space!

There is usually at least one Crew & Fleet gathering every month. Find out when & where; here. Or sign to receive notifications for these & other DSC happenings to come.

This month's gathering was followed up by a wreck expedition on Cellins surface.

Crew Gathering June 2951
Wreck expedition on Cellin
Wreck expedition on Cellin


Want to find an item? Any item... Anywhere in the Verse? Check out the Universal Item Finder by @Meepowski

Want to find a location? Any location... Of all the locations throughout the known Verse? Check out Verse Guide in the Fleet Tools by @LordSkippy 

 Want to find out what time of day or night its is... How light or dark it is?  Anywhere in the known Verse @ any given location?  Check out the Sunrise/ Sunset Calculator by @Just Murphy


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by the DSC Slingshots
Operation Icarus - [Execution Stage] Day 29
Operation Icarus - [Execution Stage] Day 28
  • Thanks for the kind words guys. If you have any screenshots that capture moments you think will suit Remnats of Stories, please do post them on theThanks for the kind words guys. If you have any screenshots that capture moments you think will suit Remnats of Stories, please do post them on the time line.  More ...

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