Ophelia Vine Issue #5 May 2951


Welcome to Deep Space Crews 'restyled' monthly newsletter, The Ophelia Vine.

For those of you who were already a bit partial to the comic-strip newsletter, don't worry, we continue to present segments from Deep Space Crew - An Ongoing Story by the DSC Slingshots, in this format. 

Look out for the next instalment 'Encrypted' coming soon to the DSC Blog where you will also find other Crew Stories.

As is customary, we are happy to welcome all new crew that joined us last month.  

If you are looking for ways to get involved, we recommend you check out Crew Hall on the Deep Space Crew website. You can explore any & all the Division Groups & check out the Events page to find out what's happening & when. We look forward to seeing you in the Verse.


The Redeemer

This year's Invictus bought with it a week of fireworks and another look at Aegis Dynamics upcoming. multi-decked destroyer the Javelin, with the opportunity to board this capital beast for a closer look.

Showcased in-game were future ships the Aegis Dynamics: Redeemer - a  gunship plus a holographic Scorpius - an upcoming small 2-person heavy fighter made by Robert's Space Industries.

The Bengal

Well-timed visits to Tressler, Bajini or Everus Harbour gave us the first-ever peek at the one of the - only ever to be a very few - Bengals.

Eventually, players will be able to find a limited number of these derelict fleet carriers capable of carrying a squadron of ships could potentially house any fleet willing to take one on.

 Nova Tank

 The Star Lifter


Hadanite Daze


Inter-Org 1: Deep Space Crew & Urcon: Hadanite Daze
This event bought miners & security together to combat local raiders intent on a surprise attack to steal the booty they considered their own.

Dune Thunder

Crew at Operation Dune Thunder on Daymar

Inter-Org 2:  Colab Deep Space Crew & Void Runners: Operation Dune Thunder. 
Teams collaborated in this multidiscipline event to play out a territorial dispute over artefacts at a salvage site on Daymar. (Did I mention we won - but it's in the playing right?!')



Operation Space Net

Operation Space Net was a multi-discipline event that saw our Crew maintain a ground location take & hold Kareah Comm Satellite rendering it safe(r) for Star Citizens to come & go in peace.

You can find out when the next crew ops are on the Events page & sign up for notifications if you like. 

The more players there are the more potential there is for multi-faceted missions... so Join Up & Join In!


DSC Gatherings

Mid-month the fleet assembled rather beautifully for some unified moon jumping & atmospheric flight training.

Crew & Fleet gatherings are held throughout the month.  Find out when next months are here.

Any crew can propose a gathering, any time, anywhere & they provide a great opportunity for the fleet to practice formation flying & landing/ take-off protocols.

We'll see you there...

Ship Show May 2021/2951

DSC Ship Shows 

'There's always a bigger fish!'. Crew congregated on Cellin for a whale of a time!

Come on & bring your current favourite ship to the next DSC Ship Show. The more the merrier!


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Want to find a location? Any location... Of all the locations throughout the known Verse? Check out Verse Guide in the Fleet Tools by @LordSkippy 

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by the DSC Slingshots
Operation Icarus - [Execution Stage] Day 01
Operation Icarus

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