Operation Icarus - [Trial Stage] Day 18

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CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy

[Trial Stage] Day 18 : 05-15-2951

Icarus Mission Day 18 1800 UTC Status

The mission is proceeding normally towards Stanton star. 

The crew is currently located 430,952km above the system ecliptic. 

The distance traveled since the last update is 60,955km. 

The distance remaining to the star is 1,796,744km. The difference in the observed size of Stanton at the Stanton QT marker and 400,000km above the ecliptic is becoming apparent.

At some point during Day 17, the mission was intercepted by unknown security detail. The missions did not stop and received a Level 1 Crime Stat for failure to comply and were subsequently interdicted and destroyed by the security forces. The mission reemerged at the Kleschler Rehabilitation Facility on Aberdeen to complete the 15-minute sentence and resumed the mission from a save point. 

At approximately 1500 UTC on Day 18, the mission crew suffered an engineering casualty with failed coolers. The resulting casualty caused an overheat which disabled the ship. The ship had been running in-game for over 24 hours without repairs. Returning the ship to the HUR-L1 LaGrange space station for repairs allowed the mission crew to complete voyage repairs and resume the mission.

Naming The 08
Operation Icarus - [Trial Stage] Day 16

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