Operation Icarus - [Trial Stage] Day 16

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CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy

[Trial Stage] Day 16 : 05-13-2951

Icarus Mission Day 16 1800UTC Status

The mission took an operational pause over the weekend to check out the PTU. 

The mission resumed on 11 May at 1300UTC. At 1800UTC, the mission is proceeding normally towards Stanton star. 

The crew is currently located 370,000km above the system ecliptic. 

The distance traveled since the last update is 62,745km. 

The distance remaining to the star is 1,857,697km. The mission experienced several 30ks that reset progress. 

Progress was further reset when resuming several save points that did not save the mission progress and respawned instead at the HUR-L1 LaGrange space station used as a staging point. 

The mission progress timeline has been reevaluated and assuming the mission can be resumed without loss of progress after the 3.13.1-LIVE patch drop. The mission anticipates arriving at Stanton star by mission day 53. 

The crew continues to refine operational procedures for use in preparation for the Icarus 2 mission that will commence after the Invictus Launch Week events if progress is completely reset to point PD.

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