Operation Icarus - [Trial Stage] Day 11

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CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy

[Trial Stage] Day 11 : 05-08-2951

Icarus Mission Day 11 1800UTC Status

The mission is proceeding normally towards Stanton star. 

The crew is currently located 307,262km above the system ecliptic, achieving the 250,000km and 300,000km distance milestones above the system ecliptic within the past 24 hours. 

The distance traveled since the last update is 88,509km - the first day the mission has achieved the planned travel distance of 86,400km each 24hr period. 

The distance remaining to the star is 1,920,442km. The mission had another excellent server, with the server running over 22 hours before experiencing a 30k. At one point, there were only two accounts on the server. The performance of the server was described as "excellent." 

Despite their reputation of low-quality construction, the Drake Heralds have held up well so far, only requiring minimal maintenance. 

The mission is on track to arrive at Stanton star by mission day 33. The crew wishes to thank everyone at DSC and other organizations for their financial, emotional, and physical support. Everyone's contribution has helped get the mission this far. 

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