Operation Icarus - [Trial Stage] Day 10

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CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy

[Trial Stage] Day 10 : 05-07-2951

Icarus Mission Day 10 1800UTC Status

The mission is proceeding normally towards Stanton star. 

The crew is currently located 218,773km above the system ecliptic. 

The Distance traveled since the last update is 74,958km - the greatest distance covered within a 24 hour period since the start of the mission. Mission timeline and progress were planned at 86,400km each 24 hour period. 

The distance remaining to the star is 2,008,951km. The mission expects to be within 2,000,000km of the star within the next two hours, barring any server issues. 

Over the past 24 hours, server performance was excellent, with the server lasting over 20 hours before experiencing a 30k. The mission restarted from a save point losing approximately 6 hours of mission progress. Rejoining/restarting the mission from a bed logout point has provided ample opportunities to experience the gamut of game-loading/respawn issues. The crew has become proficient in recovering from infinite load screen casualties without losing the save point. 

The mission is still on track to arrive at Stanton star by mission day 33. Mission Day 33 is expected to occur after the expected 3.13.1-LIVE patch drop. It remains to be seen whether the 3.13.1-LIVE patch drop will reset all progress towards the star, necessitating a complete mission restart from Point PD after the patch drop.

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