Operation Icarus - [Trial Stage] Day 04

Cpt Meepowski Comes To Rescue Cpt Meepowski comes to rescue. Screenshot by Meepowski.


CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy 

[Trial Stage] Day 04 : 04-29-2951

Cpt Meepowski approaches the disabled mission ship.
Rescue in process...

As a large shadow clipped into the star, Bo knew his rescue has just arrived.

Led by Captain Meepowski, a swift response from Deep Space Crew's Exploration Division was called to the site.

"Oh god, that was quick!" Bo murmured as he struggled to get up from the Aurora ES's bed. The exhaustion of breathable air quickly led to series of uncomfortableness. He would have also discovered that he had left his bag of supplies at New Babbage spaceport if the rescue came in just a little bit later.

Moments later, Bo was recovering well onboard the ambulance. After evacuation, Meep entered the disabled ship again for a thorough investigation of possible malfunctions.

Initially, the onboard computer failed to boot up even after connecting a hardwired diagnostic device. Meep suddenly detected a quick succession of electric pulses. One of the multi-function display kept flashing until...

"Bam!" Meep slapped the side of the monitor.

"Welcome to Robert Space... your ride... System error..."

"Oh, come on!" Meep kept turning on and off the onboard computer. During the painful and repeated short sessions of successful connection, Meep found the ship's coolers were severely damaged.

"Hmmm... This is interesting. Only 75 percent of the component's structural integrity left. It definitely needs more investigation." Meep transmitted the diagnosis to his mobiGlas as he unplugs all the cables and getting ready to leave the cockpit.

Meanwhile, on Everus Harbour, Murphy's Exploration Group was getting ready.

Murphy's Exploration Group is retrieving their ships at the security checkpoint on Everus Harbour.

1900 UTC Stanton Star Mission Day 4 Update 

At 1900 UTC, the mission is proceeding normally towards Stanton star. The crew is currently located 72,095km above the system ecliptic. The distance traveled since the last update is 22,663km. The distance remaining to the star is 2,155,656km. 

The mission experienced several 30k over the last two days, which caused a loss of over 24 hours of mission progress. 

The mission is still on track to arrive at Stanton star by mission day 29. The crew has been working during the past 2 days to solve the issue of losing mission progress from server 30ks. 

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