Operation Icarus - [Trial Stage] Day 02

Aligning With The Ecliptic Plane An Aurora ES's cockpit view showcasing a self-built compass to be used for aligning to the ecliptic plane.


CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy 

[Trial Stage] Day 02 : 04-27-2951

The clock ticked to 482.166664 UEE Julian Date on Goslice mobiGlas.

"Ugh... It's still midnight on Lorville." Goslice crawled out of the coffin-like bed in his Aurora ES.

A blinding flash suddenly penetrated the small cockpit and shone right on his face. "Oh, can you please turn it off?! I've just woken up here..."

"Good morning! Time to go back to sleep in your own room on that shitty planet." Greeted by Bo Fone, his succeeding runner for the mission. He knew it's time to go home after spending a day in the tiny claustrophobic Aurora ES.

Modifying a 3D radar to become a compass.
Calculating alignment with the ecliptic plane.

Meanwhile, on Bo's Aurora ES, he was focused on tunning a modified 3D radar and typing quickly on one of the ship's multi-function displays. 

As he typed in three coordinates - Point Papa Delta projected onto the ecliptic plane, Stanton system origin, and Crusader geocenter, the ship navigator spat out 70.75 degrees. 

"Set a course to Crusader." He spoke to the onboard computer.

Bo turned the ship's nose to aim at the Stanton origin (Stanton QT marker) and gently nudge the control sticks to adjust the pitch, yaw, and roll until the green line routed to Crusader landed exactly at the 71-degree tick. 

"Enable decoupled mode." Firing thrusters upward as he dictated the command.

Removed speed limiter. Pitched 90 degrees down. Aligned with the True Vector Indicator in the front view. Entered rearview camera. Checked the star's relative visual location. Locked all axes movement.

Following the sequence of operations and maneuvering, Bo Fone was on auto-pilot towards the star.

Four hours later, Bo found himself fell asleep in the pilot chair after playing with the only pre-installed game on the ship's computer for a while. Since the mission optimally required running non-stop with multiple shifts throughout a local solar cycle, It was a night-owl job for Bo's first day too.

He steps out of the cockpit for a stretch. Suddenly...

"Power low..."

"Engines off..."

The ship inside went dark, and he felt an immediate imbalance standing inside without holding onto anything.

"Holy shi... What's going on?!" He was frightened. Stumbling his way back to the control seat, he was soon only to realize non of the button was responding. 

"Oh damn it! I'm calling rescue." He pushed the emergency contact on the mobiGlas, then activated reserve mode on his suit and went inside the bed, which looked more like a coffin every minute as time passed. 

1800UTC Stanton Star Mission Day 2 Update

Around 1030 UTC, the mission experienced an engineering casualty to the ship's coolers necessitating a rescue from DSC Search and Rescue assets, led by Capt Meepowski. The ship's crew was able to conduct emergent voyage repairs on the mission ship and resume the mission to the star. 

At 1530 UTC, the server suffered a 30k casualty, requiring a mission restart from a save point, and resulted in a loss of 4 hours of mission progress. 

At 1800UTC, the mission is proceeding normally towards Stanton star. The crew is currently located 49,880km above the system ecliptic. The distance traveled since the last update is 13,748km. The distance remaining to the star is 2,177,875km. The mission is still on track to arrive at Stanton star on mission day 29.

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