Operation Icarus - [Trial Stage] Day 01

Purchasing Supplies at Tammany & Sons Purchasing Supplies at Tammany & Sons.


CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy

[Trial Stage] Day 01 : 04-26-2951

It was an early morning on Hurston. The first crew, Goslice, woke up and quickly got ready for today's objective - arriving at Point Papa Delta. Goslice was a new face on the team, but unfortunately, he was tasked with Operation Icarus's first step only because he was the closest among other crews in the Stanton system to where he should be heading. He may have regretted the decision to stay late in the bar after completing a contract for Constantine Hurston last night and got a mobiGlas call in the middle of the night. After a somewhat lackluster shopping trip to Tammany & Sons to stock up supplies and repeatedly hear the cashier person whining about why he should not be there for 15 minutes, he made his way to Teasa Spaceport. 

The good part is the New Deal ship store at the spaceport has just opened up, and he got a direct deposit from one of the guys in charge to purchase a new Aurora ES. He was glad there was not anyone at the line of the kiosk. Soon after, Goslice departed from Teasa with his shining new ship and headed towards Port Olisar in Crusader. He did not understand why the mission director requested a poorly designed and manufactured quantum drive for this journey at first, and only to realize this choice may have saved his life several times later on that day.

He had just finished his morning coffee while the Aurora auto-lands on one of Port Olisar's small pads. It was still early for the people on Crusader, and the lobby was fairly quiet. He had to move quickly before the first freighter arrives on site. That is also when the bad actors usually wake up around the port too. The quantum drive Goslice was looking for was called Flood, a civilian grad D component produced by ArcCorp. It was not hard to find the drive on sale, and he has to reach a dangerous midway point from Crusader anyway. 

Why Crusader specifically? Because the gas giant is huge, almost seven times larger than microTech or Hurston in terms of radius. The mission commander wanted to complete the journey a few days earlier than a previously planned route. Starting from Crusader OM-1 would yield the longest distance from the ecliptic plane and be directly beneath the star; thus, saving a few days of the journey. 

Accompanied by a streaking sound and some crackling noises from his cockpit main struts, Goslice finally set out to his first midway point, from Crusader OM-1 to microTech. The pilot immediately noticed how slow the quantum drive was in its stage one acceleration as if the ship's integrity could not handle the spacetime temporal shift.

"Beep." Goslice received a message on his mobiGlas from the flight lead who was supposed to make the first run today.

"Have fun with the Flood!" The message read.

"Oh shoot!" Goslice just realized he almost hit the midway point after browsing randomly on the Journal app for a couple of minutes. Then he killed his engine.

Wola! He exited the quantum jump just 500 kilometers away from the specified distance. One minute ago, he was still bothered by how slow the Flood drive is and baffled at the commander's decision. Now, he realized the power of a crappy and slow drive - precision! Goslice powered up the drive again and accurately exited the jump at the exact location as required the second time since the drive was still in stage one acceleration during the 500 kilometers range.

He turned to aim at ARC-L2, the final leg of making the trip to Point Papa Delta.

"Oh no....", as he spooled up the Flood again, he suddenly found his quantum fuel could not make the whole jump to ARC-L2, nor he knew whether it was sufficient to reach Point Papa Delta in mid-way. He only had one shot or being stranded in the middle of nowhere...

"Hope you reached Point PD, mate! That Flood drive is going to save your life. Use it wisely. :D" Another message popped up from Bo.

A week later, rumor had it that a man bought up all the Flood drives from Port Olisar's inventory...

Arriving at the midway point.
Arrived at Point Papa Delta.
Point of no return... One chance!

Mission day 01 started at 0933UTC on April 26... after a few 30ks and a live patch drop, Bo Fone covered a total distance of 29,957km. The distance remaining to the star is 2,192,030km. It's a small start, and we hope to reach the star by mission day 29. The current position of the crew is 35,734km above the Stanton system ecliptic plane. Above the ecliptic plane, the highest QT marker is the Crusader OM-1 QT marker located 11750.75km above the ecliptic.

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S.O.P - Contact Protocol

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