Operation Icarus - [Execution Stage] Day 25

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CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy

[Execution Stage] Day 25 : 06-30-2951


> 2021-06-30T14:00:49.7349273Z


## [UPDATE]: 1358BB07-EAC8-4D1B-90DE-1BBA50616484

> 2021-06-30T20:34:55.2299852Z

* Cosmic-Melody resumed the mission after fully replenished supplies.


## [UPDATE]: 209EE539-7C27-4204-8A73-EEC6542B41AB

> 2021-06-30T21:12:50.6819389Z

* o-Solei-o secured a progress point on the surface.


## [UPDATE]: 48A18AD3-DE45-4C71-9377-C263AF68F665

> 2021-07-01T00:25:51.7844540Z

* LERAHAD Ver. 2.1 developed.


## [UPDATE]: D0DC7E34-3261-4F5A-8AB7-F64ECD72C8BD

> 2021-07-01T01:09:12.1463245Z

* Delori joined as flight lead after catching up to Cosmic-Melody.
* Cosmic-Melody secured a progress point.
* Goslice secured a progress point on Delori.
* Flinner secured a progress point on Delori.
* Curva joined as flight lead on a different server after catching up to Delori.


## [UPDATE]: 31695582-341B-4FDB-9076-1F7754C4D854

> 2021-07-01T03:18:03.8787850Z

* Veyor secured a progress point on Curva.


## [UPDATE]: 0F3D6E6B-2F11-4943-AC3F-23708DF5173B

> 2021-07-01T04:59:07.0841214Z

* Veyor secured a progress point on Curva.


## [UPDATE]: BD73BAF4-D32E-4530-90B1-3894D2F89D0A

> 2021-07-01T05:29:03.9308621Z

* Delori updated his position on Curva and continued the journey.
* Delori was in charge of party management.


## [UPDATE]: 8FA74EBB-F4DB-489E-9257-42A28D0800F5

> 2021-07-01T09:50:42.4456108Z

* o-Solei-o secured a progress point on Delori.


## [PAUSE]: A2A95F4A-A8C5-4CFC-BBDC-64F7BD0445E8

> 2021-07-01T10:20:09.6449209Z

* DSC-Smut secured a progress point on Delori.
* After hours and hours of fighting with all sorts of bugs and server instability, Delori, XrayAlpha, o-Solei-o, Meepowski, and DSC-Smut managed to secure the progress.


## [PAUSE]: D85CFD83-6F05-43BE-8F03-627B6DEFA8BF

> 2021-07-01T11:10:03.5031805Z

* Delori elaborated the instructions for being a flight lead role to new team members and cheered up the entire team for the extended mission.
* Curva died of thirst. Time of occurrence was unknown.


## [UPDATE]: 1999FD5B-8401-4176-BCA8-9A87127FDEFC

> 2021-07-01T16:41:21.1981341Z

* Curva continued the journey after updating position on DSC-Smut.
* XrayAlpha secured a progress point on Curva.


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