Operation Icarus - [Execution Stage] Day 07

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CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy

[Execution Stage] Day 07 : 06-12-2951


> 2021-06-12T09:17:29.9561248Z


## [INTERRUPTION]: 6593DD63-D12A-43DB-8833-4F9977795D5F

> 2021-06-12T09:55:24.4339082Z

* Server 30ked on Bo-Fone. A minor progress setback to 30 mins ago.


## [UPDATE]: D23818D5-99CF-4CEE-830A-18B96FB12FC9

> 2021-06-12T10:43:55.1134436Z

* Bo-Fone secured a progress point off of XrayAlpha's last position.
* Goslice secured a progress point.
* Tech83 secured a progress point and took flight leaad to carry on the journey.
* Flinner secured a progress point.
* Curva secured a progress point.
* movive secured a progress point.
* Cosmic-Melody secured a progress point.
* Bo-Fone carried on the journey from Tech83's position on a different server.


## [UPDATE]: 90dea1cd-fe18-43ca-bb4c-93c8952e2878

> 2021-06-12T14:27:21.5023900Z

* Bo-Fone died out of thirst while Tech83 was still the flight lead.
* Bo-Fone resumed the progress after switching to Tech83's server.


## [UPDATE]: 773509B9-D29F-4111-9B71-4C544DE42792

> 2021-06-12T15:28:25.7763469Z

* Veyor secured a progress point for the very first time!


## [UPDATE]: C69408C2-531A-4D8E-9A20-187D4AB91ADA

> 2021-06-12T16:54:26.6952355Z

* Veyor tried to take flight lead but encountered an infinite loading screen, a 16k, and some game-breaking bugs in Hurston's apartment.
* Tech97 secured a progress point.
* Bo-Fone had to logout for event preparation.
* Tech97 took lead.


## [UPDATE]: 9E3205ED-1D44-43C1-B18D-F7FBFD77914E

> 2021-06-12T17:47:45.9432021Z

* Tech83 secured a progress point.


## [INTERRUPTION]: F5A3C32C-9DA0-4F19-A2C7-73C274E9BE6D

> 2021-06-12T18:01:30.6480018Z

* Server 30ked on Tech97.
* Tech83 resumed the journey from an earlier save point.


## [INTERRUPTION]: 979EEB72-AF6A-4757-9DA1-D4425B7C57FE

> 2021-06-12T20:23:32.3240666Z

* Server 30ked on Tech71.
* Tech97 resumed the journey from an earlier save point.
* At this point, we had multiple minor progress setback that could accumulate into large chunk of lost time.


## [UPDATE]: C7DAA8D5-44EA-4CB5-9B7C-73296C0E4D86

> 2021-06-12T20:28:28.5380053Z

* Tech73 secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: FC2A3606-EF54-4EED-9EBD-9E94C71B7127

> 2021-06-12T21:06:18.1533209Z

* Tech17 secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 5F9BADF5-D242-454E-8C90-A71DC9980D92

> 2021-06-12T22:14:05.4148335Z

* Tech61 secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 066AE1DF-AA2F-4246-8D5B-36F159D89B01

> 2021-06-12T23:07:03.1559961Z

* Tech29 secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 2D5D5701-C3D9-4D89-AC8C-2C52A160995C

> 2021-06-13T00:36:39.0973509Z

* Tech43 secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 6E2B7933-36D6-42DB-B22A-BDFE9D85749F

> 2021-06-13T02:46:47.8223606Z

* Bo-Fone secured a progress point after had an infinite loading screen while joining a 2/50 server that Tech97 was on.
* Goslice secured a progress point.
* Flinner secured a progress point.
* Curva secured a progress point.
* movive secured a progress point.
* Cosmic-Melody took flight lead.


## [UPDATE]: 007717E6-8BA7-452F-80AA-7F76DF45DDB3

> 2021-06-13T03:19:20.3892340Z

* Tech97 secured a progress point.



> 2021-06-13T06:37:26.9363068Z

* Mission paused due to Bo-Fone's client issues.


## [UPDATE]: C8F554A0-3ACC-4B9E-A31F-2696C55956E9

> 2021-06-13T08:32:30.3344160Z

* Bo-Fone's client issues resolved.
* Goslice resumed mission from the furthest save point in the pool as flight lead.
* HYKER-73 tried secure a save point with no success due to game breaking bugs but learned how to visually align a straight course to the center of the star.
* Operation Icarus suffered the greatest setback on day 07 due to other event preparation, game-breaking client issues, procrastination, laziness, and Chris Robert's bless. The mission has lost approximately nine hours of potential progress.
* HYKER-73 took flight lead on a different server.


## [INTERRUPTION]: ED67B6F9-B7D3-42EB-A293-CA88512C87EC

> 2021-06-13T09:38:45.4301579Z

* Server 30ked on Goslice.
* HYKER-73 tried to secure a progress point with no success due to a multiple obnoxious 30ks and loss of party marker as Goslice was sleeping.
* Delori joined Operation Icarus.


## [UPDATE]: 67ACFA9D-1C1D-4710-AD66-EFFC4B0E8A92

> 2021-06-13T13:08:35.2888768Z

* Mission resumed from Flinner's last progress point.
* After re-evaluation, the mission has lost about 11 hours of potential progress. It was truly the first major setback for the execution stage.


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