Operation Icarus - [Execution Stage] Day 05

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CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy

[Execution Stage] Day 05 : 06-10-2951


> 2021-06-10T09:28:49.4881059Z


## [INTERRUPTION]: AC73C68F-58DB-4206-BC8B-B062826410AE

> 2021-06-10T10:50:17.2194243Z

* Server 30ked on Goslice. Minor progress lost.
* Resumed mission on movive from the last save point.


## [UPDATE]: 63DBD9A5-6A60-4455-B5C3-4B89F2BD004D

> 2021-06-10T11:04:07.7632410Z

* DrEntropy secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: A56ACC94-5452-4CBC-8BB9-B6DB8E5C402E

> 2021-06-10T12:46:26.1770373Z

* DrEntropy secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 361F083B-26C8-43E0-9EEE-D09A81D28F73

> 2021-06-10T13:58:02.9387543Z

* DrEntropy secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: B6BD52BC-034F-4C5E-8525-1938D7BB029D

> 2021-06-10T15:54:24.0721448Z

* Tech79 and Tech29 secured two progress points on movive.
* Tech97 took the lead.
* movive continued the journey on a different server.


## [UPDATE]: E2933FBF-7268-40D9-BD6A-8238F58BFABC

> 2021-06-10T16:17:45.7393805Z

* XrayAlpha secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 72247ABA-66E9-4B3F-BDE5-4ED5442D3B52

> 2021-06-10T18:01:58.8681541Z

* Tech61 secured a progress point.

## [UPDATE]: 596A9C73-86A8-41ED-806C-2DA3AF305317

> 2021-06-10T19:03:08.1416426Z

* Tech97 secured a progress point.
* DrEntropy secured a progress point.
* Tech79 secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 1348ED54-8CFE-40C9-9ABA-5B34EB698C3F

> 2021-06-10T20:36:55.8537597Z

* Tech71 took the flight lead and swapped out Tech97.
* Tech97 secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 0FCD1E3F-AB99-481E-9E73-3389ECE38848

> 2021-06-10T21:12:47.5089003Z

* Falcor secured a progress point.
* DrEntropy secured a progress point.
* XrayAlpha secured a progress point.


## [INTERRUPTION]: B9B6E2AA-2700-4A2A-82ED-4AA4B2517110

> 2021-06-10T21:15:55.8537597Z

* Server crashed on Tech97.
* Fortunately, XrayAlpha has just saved a progress point right before the 30k; hence we were able to resume the mission without progress lost.


## [UPDATE]: 63F42A9E-ECCE-4339-85BC-53CAB694EC08

> 2021-06-10T21:27:57.0291294Z

* Tech71 resumed mission from XrayAlpha's saved position.
* movive continued to take flight lead on an AUS server.


## [UPDATE]: 562e7498-a992-4787-b0ff-6ced1c5e3eac

> 2021-06-10T22:38:09.0808432Z

* Tech43 secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 0D89D0EC-A535-490D-ABD8-D56FAAB17A8B

> 2021-06-10T22:40:34.6913806Z

* movive secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 09AD4DF1-961C-4AE8-B312-FE37ED0FD878

> 2021-06-11T00:48:11.7663672Z

* o-Solei-o secured a progress point on Tech71.
* Tech61 secured a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: 849008B6-BFB0-49AE-A2F8-FB3E89CE417F

> 2021-06-11T01:43:10.5950321Z

* Tech79 secured a progress point.
* Tech71 secured a progress point.
* o-Solei-o secured a progress point.
* Tech97 took flight lead from Tech71.


## [INTERRUPTION]: F0215619-1F91-4B14-8F90-E366E5282D19

> 2021-06-11T02:05:07.3851781Z

* Tech97 experienced a cooler casualty. Total running time was approximately five hours.
* Tech97 resumed the journey by the help of Tech29 serving as a temporary beacon.


## [UPDATE]: AF169139-0C1A-4E5F-8067-9937D91E88D1

> 2021-06-11T03:03:57.9290901Z

* Tech29 secured a progress point.


## [INTERRUPTION]: 15511609-B237-4052-B835-B4589DC06317

> 2021-06-11T03:25:26.2248966Z

* Server 30ked on Tech97.


## [UPDATE]: DCF22484-4F70-4FDD-B06F-761490F659DD

> 2021-06-11T04:33:00.8645652Z

* Goslice secured a progress point from Tech00 saved position.
* Tech00 secured a progress point.
* The team attempted to save multiple progress points; however, servers were not cooperating. Bo-Fone experienced multiple 16k error on loading.


## [INTERRUPTION]: 39C1162E-5783-4C0D-8BCC-7C23219B0036

> 2021-06-11T05:00:15.2924469Z

* Bo-Fone attempted to clear all outdated save points in preparation for the next available caretaker to come online and save most up-to-date position; however, Bo-Fone accidentally erased the only updated position on Goslice due to mistake the active character as Flinner.
* Mission came to a complete halt.


## [INTERRUPTION]: 8063A6E3-EE06-4B41-A1EB-5FBA13287416

> 2021-06-11T07:15:47.5745219Z

* Bo-Fone attempted to save a progress point off of XrayAlpha's last position; however, the server spawned XrayAlpha at Everus Harbor.
* Mission halted until the army of Murphy come online.


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