Operation Icarus - [Execution Stage] Day 02

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CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy

[Execution Stage] Day 02 : 06-07-2951


> 2021-06-07T07:42:22.0263597Z


## [UPDATE]: D2C0B4D0-1A0E-4D8E-B7B0-8BF9A5A018D0

> 2021-06-07T08:15:35.5047601Z

* Resumed progress from the furthest save point on Flinner.



> 2021-06-07T08:17:53.3294402Z

* 30ked immediately after resuming progress from the last 30k.
* Only one save point left in the reserve.


## [UPDATE]: 61063642-7EED-4A7C-A0BD-CEB5F6EAC0BA

> 2021-06-07T09:50:31.0630361Z

* Saved five progress points thanks to Meepowski's rescue.
* Mission resumed on Cosmic-Melody.


## [UPDATE]: 7E4D3F62-0516-4F64-921E-352EA4A276F9

> 2021-06-07T11:15:51.4606122Z

* XrayAlpha officially joined onboard as a chaser role. Logged his first save point.


## [UPDATE]: 841D05A8-9DB7-4CDE-8625-7A3F301714F9

> 2021-06-07T12:46:04.3903806Z

* DrEntropy saved a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: E31F17B4-369C-40C4-A0E0-4297CD631AF7

> 2021-06-07T13:59:50.1228359Z

* XrayAlpha saved a progress point.


## [INTERRUPTION]: D468C1F8-AE25-4C17-80D4-6FB844C09A64

> 2021-06-07T14:20:30.1965189Z

* Cosmic-Melody died out of thirst.
* Experimented with a collaborated unattended session where the flight lead role streamed their running game session and stayed in discord voice comm while a chaser held a party leader and idling on main menu. The chaser could monitor the flight leader's server health, actor status, components health, and global chat via the stream. The chaser could also coordinate with other chasers for multiple progress saves since he is the party leader and always able to join the flight lead.
* XrayAlpha was able to secure a save point before Cosmic-Melody's death.
* DrEntropy was able to secure a second save point from XrayAlpha after Cosmic-Melody's death.
* RSI's all platform server maintenance notice received.


## [UPDATE]: 9CA2C80E-24F0-455C-BF15-50BA379BF023

> 2021-06-07T22:51:34.5570105Z

* Cosmic-Melody resumed mission from DrEntropy's save point after the server maintenance.
* Interesting observation: The server spawned XrayAlpha at a very random location near Everus Harbour after the maintenance.
* XrayAlpha saved a progress point.
* DrEntropy saved a progress point.
* RSI's all platform server maintenance notice received again.


## [INTERRUPTION]: D7BA07BD-E645-4227-9220-D8DFC1D30A05

> 2021-06-08T02:06:36.3800375Z

* RSI Platform maintenance.
* Glumm saved a progress point.


## [UPDATE]: B42A85D5-E1DF-4184-9D8E-7AE9FCA78770

> 2021-06-08T03:30:22.8921749Z

* Cosmic-Melody resumed mission progress from the previous state before the maintenance.
* DrEntropy saved a progress point.
* Goslice saved a progress point.


## [INTERRUPTION]: 788187B1-B29E-4ADA-87C9-C9E7EDC8E06E

> 2021-06-08T04:40:25.1601308Z

* Cosmic-Melody suffered from gradual cooler damage. He was able to witness the damaging progress and document via screenshots. One HeatSafe cooler was at 76% and inoperative. The other HeatSafe cooler was at 88% and still operating.
* Server randomly put Cosmic-Melody to a log-in queue and kicked him out of the server just as the second cooler was about to fail.


## [UPDATE]: F2B12B26-A693-4079-BC09-1B1B03593EE7

> 2021-06-08T05:25:26.6994430Z

* Mission resumed from the furthest save point on Goslice after dealing with almost 40 mins of infinite loading screen.


## [INTERRUPTION]: 43A0533D-038C-46B7-873B-CBF84AFADD85

> 2021-06-08T09:55:43.8108699Z

* Goslice's Herald had a cooler failure. Ship completely disabled after almost five hours of running without a save.
* XrayAlpha came in at a perfect time for a save point.
* Passing 100,000 km mark.

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