Operation Icarus

Cover Photo for Operation Icarus Blog A man is doing extravehicular activities in front of the Stanton star. Screenshot by Meepowski.


CO-AUTHOR: justMurphy


"Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows."

by Helen Keller

The Stanton system has a lonely star. Have you ever wondered how this Main Sequence Dwarf-G star brought sunshine to the residents of Hurston, Crusader, ArcCorp, and microTech? Driven by curiosity, the Exploration Sector formed a special task force within Deep Space Crew to carry out a long-marching journey towards the bright light bulb powering the solar system. Named by the mission initiator, justMurphy, Operation Icarus finally took place after almost two months of planning, preparation, and trials.

This blog post serves as a central location for all related information about Operation Icarus. Murphy and I will compile a logbook containing a story-driven journal and a factual situation report on every mission day. A mission board with a general progress update is also provided on the first page. As a true perseverance test, Operation Icarus cannot succeed without the millions of contributions from players around the verse. The mission team thanks everyone who has helped in their own ways in perpetuity.

 Mission Overview

  • Determine the physicality of the Stanton star entity.
  • Observe any anomalies during the expedition.
  • Observe any anomalies when the team is close to the Stanton star.
  • Determine potential obstacles which could prevent the travel towards the Stanton star.
  • Verify the existence of any hard-coded "kill radius" of the Stanton star.

Operation Icarus breaks into two stages - a trial stage and an execution stage. The trial stage began on March 31, 2951. The team formed its basic structure and recruited core members, planned solutions to potential problems, established tools to track progress, and completed days of trial runs. The execution stage will commence shortly after the LIVE deployment of patch 3.13.1 to observe server stability with the influx of traffic during the Free Fly period.  


 Bo-Fone, DrEntropy, Delori, HYKER-73 (S.A.R.D.), Xray-Alpha, Watbulb, Smut, Falcor, Meepowski, o.Solei.o, Veyor, Whipl8sh, Rugin, Glumm, JamesDusky, movi5878, and justMurphy

As the team further explores the viability of each candidate ship, it seems that Drake Herald will be the gold standard for flight leads with industrial-grade A components. Hence, we accept donations of aUEC for such items or any general expenses for the mission as the core team members will not be able to generate funds through other means of gameplay during operation.


Stanton System Interactive VIsualization

SimulatingTilted Planetary Rotation Axes Visualization

Point Papa Delta Flight Path Visualization

Trial Stage Mission Progress Visualization

Execution Stage Mission Progress Visualization

Course Alignment Tool

 Journal Directory

Ophelia Vine Issue #5 May 2951
Recovered Artefact

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