Journal entry added - Captain Sarah Wang - Commander of the Polaris 'Serengeti' ....Search and rescue mission A559742-G...

Sarah is communicating over Mobiglass to her fleet commander. Her voice frustrated with her squad, as the dropship lands, opening its doors:

"Roger that, we're nearly in, cover the door! Cover the door!! Get IN!...damn privates! GET IN LINE!! We are nearing the cave sir! I can only see shadowing shapes in the deep cave on Microtech..."

An interrupting radio frequency from another squad comes in. Sarah intensely listening in:


Weak radio communication from the squad:


Laser fire & a roar from an unknown entity shrieks through Sarah's Mobiglass audio, hitting the speakers limits. Squad lead shouts orders over the audio in desperation:


Laser fire intensifies. Squad 2 leader Abraham's calls in desperation over radio as the sound starts to distort:

"Send bac...k u...p, w.....e...Runn!!!"

A deep loud ROAR bellows over the audio. Audio distortion intensifies. A crushing noise is heard with an immediate silence.

Sarah shouting to her squad:


Sarah leads in her squad, running into the deep cave, lasers firing over head. Increasing gargling noises can be heard getting closer & closer.

Squad 3 lead Daniels, shouting in fear, gargling in his own blood:

"Ahhahah, ahhh!! WHAT THE HELL!?!? AHHhh!!"

Sarah shouts & grabs & turns his face violently, his torn flesh falls between her gripping fingers as he coughs up blood. She pushes him away with her hand like unwanted trash, with a scuffle towards the wall:

"Your useless Squad lead! Get out of my way!"

Sarah and her squad fire fight intensifies, still shooting to unknown entities in the cave, when the fire fight suddenly stops.

Sarah barking orders:

"Continue fire! THATS AN ORDER!!"

Sarah shoots her gun a single round into the cave. 'Click' as an enlarging weapon expands in the distance. Then a desperately screaming soldier cries out, deep inside the cave. Rumble of stomping feet with roars quickly heads towards her & her shaken-up squad.

Sarah shouting to other soldiers:


Panicking soldiers firing upon these creatures as each soldier can be heard getting stabbed one by one by lances.

Sarah in shock:


A 'clang', as Sarah drops her gun and runs in fear, laser fire intensifying around her. Sarah is fast breathing & her footsteps rushing faster & faster as she is being chased towards the cave entrance. The entities stomping footsteps in pursuit.

Sarah to her fleet commander in a scared voice:

"I'm going to make it! I am going to MAKE IT SIR!"

Fleet commander Viktor in anger:

"SARAH! We thought you had this covered!? what is going ON!? OVER!?!?"

Wind whips through the cave entrance, getting closer & closer as Sarah runs faster & faster. The sound of her scuffling feet hitting the ground & stomping feet of the entities in pursuit, as it echoes through the cave. Sarah's breathing intensifies with panic.
Then, a sudden stabbing noise rips through her armour, skin & bone. A deep continuous roar bellows through the cave. It fades deep into the cave, entwined with Sarah's voice shouting in despair, struggling as the blood fills in her mouth:


A fumble & 'ding' echoes in the cave, as a dropping Mobiglass bounces between the rocks. Dragging noises & a deep loud roar fades into the cave.

Fleet commander Viktor slams his fists on his aerial scanner desk in panic & anger:

"Captain WANG! Do you read me!? OVER!?"

Long radio distortion...

/ End of feed /
Ophelia Vine Issue #5 May 2951
Operation Icarus
  • Nice.
    Grenades, no one wants to carry them, but when you need one.....

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