Introducing Rush

he could see Taden in an overlooking window of the G Loc bar. Rush he could see Taden in an overlooking window of the G Loc bar.

As his name would imply - Rush - originally Rishin, which had evolved to suit his personality into Rushin & then been shortened to Rush, was happiest when he was on the move from A to B. To him, what happened at A & B seemed secondary to travelling between them. He spent the time in between being at A & B being either evaluating what happened where he had just left or anticipating a multitude of eventualities that could happen where he was going to be next. Rush, like a master of ceremonies at the centre of his own intense network of explorers, merchants, miners & commodity traders to name a few, was so motivated to keep himself & the commodities he dealt with moving, he made everyone else look like they were standing still.

From his day to day activity, it would be easy to presume that he was one of these easily distracted types, checking out every commodity alert on his Mobi whilst erratically multitasking his way from one place to the next, but this was not so. In truth, the key moments of his busy schedule were always clearly laid out in the forefront of his mind, so that subconsciously he seemed to know, just how much time he could spare on these, but also how much time he could spare for unexpected occurrences that might also crop up - without disrupting his highly tuned schedule.

So here he was at ArcCorp, a couple of minutes to grab a snack, then another few minutes at Casaba to replace his hat, lost somewhere between a bunch of possible AB destinations - in time for one of the day's many pre-arranged comm calls to confirm a price on a shipment he was shifting - giving him just enough time to meet up with his friend Taden to travel to the Crew Gathering together. 

As he leapt off the tram, he could see Taden in an overlooking window of the G Loc bar. Neither of them found much time for cooking, they often met here at Area 18 or New Babbage, to eat & talk trade. They also partied together most weekends, usually at Wally's with old & new friends that in Rush's own words...'Taden usually bore to death.'

'Taden, no one is interested that the metalloid element Boron is produced by supernovae and cosmic ray spallation. Are you sure you weren't produced by supernovae and cosmic ray spallation?'

Taden was used to Rush's humoured rhetoric. Not only was Rush his long-standing friend he was also his number one go-to for his most interesting commodities. Rush gave Taden first dibs on everything & Taden would take just about anything new or rare that Rush offered him. Natural or manmade, legal or didn't matter, Taden would always gladly take it off his hands.

Rush's enthusiasm over the commodities he juggled was intense but short-lived & inextricably linked with the feel-good factor of helping his appreciative customers to make a good living. He certainly didn't have the patience to sit still long enough to watch the meticulously slow process that was Taden's workflow, nor would he be able to endure the, no doubt lengthy, answer he would get if he were to ask what his friend was doing with the commodities.

The lead up to a crew gathering was even busier for Rush than his normal day to day life. Knowing that folk that he rarely, sometimes never, saw anywhere else other than Crew Gatherings, would likely be looking for him with their own special commodity requirements, he liked to be prepared. He had various pieces of equipment & materials packed & ready in his Arc Corp hab ready to stash in the ship that Taden would be taking to the Gathering.

Introducing Holle
Introducing Taden

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